Family Issues Not Social Media Issue

Beyond Religion And Culture: Be you a man or woman, the day you call your in-laws out on the social media, means you don’t have respect for them and also, you do not have shame.

As Africans on the continent of Africa, we have a communal way of resolving our problems. We exhaust all the aunties, uncles, sisters, brothers, father, mothers and finally, kinsmen avenues, before taking any other step.

Taking any other step should not be washing the dirty linen of your in-laws and yourself in the public and then, tell the world to understand how good you have been to your wife or husband, yet their persecution of you.

You might be what they had been accusing you of, by your appearance on the social media with what was supposed to be a private and family issue, that needed to be settled.

No sensible person takes it when a brother, sister or whoever that is connected to one by blood or marriage or bond takes what ought to be a family or roundtable affair to the social media. It is a sacrilege! 

Imagine a president of a country who has often been sick for a long time, yet his sickness has not been made public. Can someone take a clue from that?

Just a little thing, you rush to the social media to tell them how brainless you are and call it wisdom. Who cares and who do you want to cover your shame?

No couple opens the two eyes for each other in marriage. You did this for him, you did that for her, for the family, yet the family does not like you? Check your manners!

Be careful how you run to the social media with your family issues; social media is a different issue and should be left at that.

Do everything within your coffer to avoid the social media with any sort of family, relationship or friendship issues.

Restraint from publicly making your family issues known is the key for a respectable and mature lifestyle.

Not even separation, divorce, fracas should make headlines. Clandestinely move your way and move on if you so wish, in lieu of jabbering on the social media.

September 3 2021.

Indisciplined Soldiers At NDA

After the attack on the Nigerian Defense Academy (NDA) Tuesday, August 24 2021, by hoodlums, my mind had raced on different thoughts and the summary of all the thoughts is that the crop of soldiers we have today are not disciplined.

I said so because emerging report has it that soldiers assigned to mount sentry at the CCTV in the premises of the now denigrated and desecrated NDA, went to sleep. What a country!

It is the lack of discipline that we wake up and hear that this soldier, that police and co were killed by blood suckers like chickens across the country, like untrained personnel they always make the Nigerian populace to believe they are.

The attack on NDA is a proof that even the soldiers cannot guard themselves, let alone, the citizenry. Their quick press release that the NDA is safe, after the attack, is just bunkum and raising of artificial confidence, when Nigerians had already known that Boys Scout might not be such reckless as the soldiers on duty.

This is very painful and is a pointer that all Nigerians are on their own, security-wise. So, it behoves the citizens to defend themselves by being trained boxers, takwandoe and the rest of it.

Indiscipline has killed these modern soldiers that you observe their conducts in the street and you wonder the difference between agbero and them. No decorum!

If what happened in their own NDA was to happen to a colleague of theirs in the street, you would see them bounce on such street for shooting spree and destruction of property in the name of fishing out the culprits. This is the typical army we have here: that is good at disciplining civilians when they are indisciplined.

Go to Oyigbo in Rivers state, Owerri in Imo, Odi, Zakibiam and a host of other towns that supposedly provoked the Nigerian system and see the ruthlessness that is the Nigerian soldiers: soldiers that would be sleeping on duty and hoodlums would attack them and go free. This speaks volume!

This country isn’t safe. Maybe, the army should also be calling on hunters to assist them in guiding their facilities. This is laughable but it is sadly sad that the Nigerian Army that was once praised at ECOMOG and across the world, has become a shadow of its own. It is disappointing!

August 24 2021.

Discussing Olu of Warri

Let me start by correcting one impression from you, which is where you said that the Olu of Warri tailoring the Christian way means he is Godly. This is not true. A religion one is inclined to does not make the person a Godly person. Godliness means a good person and I have seen good people that encompass all religions of the world. The Godly mindset you used through Christian periscope is what has kept Africa backward the way we can see, with a certain sect believing that the concept they erroneously created as GOD or ALMIGHTY GOD is exclusively theirs. However, going back to your question of a belief in Jesus, it ought be, historically, who is Jesus and God Almighty. Many people believe in many things they were roped into through indoctrination and not certainly, what they discovered themselves. If I tell you that I read the Bible, Sankrit, Vedas, ‘Baghavad Gita’, Abdrushin in the Light of Truth, AMORC, Eckankar and others, I wouldn’t know what you may say of me. Now, the question is, are there attributes of morality and saintly lifestyles of persons in these religious literatures, certainly they abound. Therefore, the movement ought be holding someone accountable through his or her behaviour and not saying that he or she is Godly, because he or she professes Christianity. This is hoax and reminds one of when I was a kid; the Catholics were not giving out their children out to Anglicans for marriage and vis a vis. These ones were also Godly because they professed Jesus? Well, back to the Olu of Warri, one is not expected to make political notes in an insurance summit and likewise. If the Itsekri custom says the king is the head of their traditions and cultures, bringing in an Igbo belief system or alien belief system is bunkum, likewise bringing in any religious centiment. Afterall, being Itsekri is better because he is not a king of Christians in his dukedom alone, where there are certainly Muslims, Traditional believers and so on. So, showing off his Christian background to what was supposed to be an Itsekri affair, is emotion taken too far and is bias.

August 23 2021.

Be Mindful Of Who You Are

If we read beyond what they wanted us to read, we will understand that my own forebears are greater than Isaac, Jacob and Abraham put together. Pursuing history of creation recorded in other lands, is churlishing the myths of your parental cosmology. If you were born in Afghanistan for example, you would have become a Muslim, or born in India, you would have become a Buddhist or Hinduist. Demographic situation shows a people the belief they have to pull. Sadly, while as Africans we were pulling our beliefs, the Europeans came and misled us into imbibing their eurocentric world view, hence we left who we truly were, for the pursuit of eldorado. When you talk of Almighty God as was recorded in the Bible, remember that the Vedas and Sankrit of the Indians showing their world’s view, were 50,000 years old before the Bible and story of Adam and Eve were sold to us.
August 23 2021.

Who To Marry…

Beyond Religion And Culture:
Marriage is often not by choice but propelling factors. The lady of your choice might end up not being your wife. Likewise, the man of your choice might end up not being your husband. There are factors. Hardly would any man or woman know who to marry till pressing factors present themselves to the person. The choice might no longer be the need while the need becomes the choice. In rare cases, both the need and choice do not present themselves but marriage takes place and the couple learn with time. Thanks. This is the way of marriage.
August 6 2021.

Situation Around {Poem}

I have not been smiling
for a week now.

I am stressed
even when I fight for more compassion
in my heart.

The situation at hand isn’t positive,
hence the mind is not positive;
just ladened with worry.

I have learnt to let go
but truth being the situation
won’t permit my beclouded mind to let go
and who cares what use if I am happy or sad.

I have won many anxiety battles of life, yet dragged to live in the past
where breathing-in-awareness and depression
were the symbols of men.

Now my questions are not important
as my answers
even when I listen with my ears and heart

I have escaped the situation that harasses me,
become a different person,
but this situation around me is the same.

July 3 2021.

Gov. Wike, Thank You

Your Excellency, your press statement of July 6 2021, lifting ban on curfew in the entire state was a well development and must be commended.

The lift was sequel to your one time statement, saying that criminals were pressing on you to lift the ban.

It is however an applause that you have considered the economic downspiral the curfew might had caused residents and decided to help the residents while cautioning that as they enjoy the lift, they should also be security conscious. Bravo, sir.

Your decision to lift the ban is Spiritual than anyone may see it as political. It is Spiritual because you took your time and allowed the right moment to come for you to do the needful. This is called patience, being a strong tool in the Spiritual path. You had the courage to be steadfast in order not to be disappointed, which is the tenet of Spirituality. Thanks.

The residents must have been inspired by the lessons they got during the curfew and ought to concentrate on how to better the state in lieu of allow anything that will disassociate them from peace again. Albeit, on the Item 8 of your press statement, it is believed that the soldiers occupying Oyigbo Express Junction will give way for free flow of vehicular movement in and out of Oyigbo and also respect the Item 8 on the press statement stating that the lift of curfew was in the entire state.

Your Excellency, it is believed that the lift on the ban will not result to excuses, no explanations, no regrets but peace and harmony. In a nutshell, let the soldiers who have turned the Oyigbo Express Junction to their ‘oil well’ in the hands of motorists retreat to the side of the road or their barrack and allow businesses and shop owners who have suffered untoward hardship to flow around the express junction axis henceforth.

Thank You, sir, for having a listening ear.

Odimegwu Onwumere
July 6 2021.

A Reputation Gone With The Winds

If only she had good manners, she would had arrested the man’s soul to help her through her university studies. If only this was her problem!

If she was patient and humble, she would not had murdered the wealthy man who took her for the refreshment of the flesh.

There is more to life and if we must make a little trouble out there, it should not be to murder the next person.

If we must make any trouble, that trouble should be to safeguard humanity, for the supremacy of love and peace.

As individuals, we have to excuse ourselves from the germinating cankerworm of shallow and callow get-rich-quick minded phenomenon.

Let us listen to millions of advice and sieve the negative ones from the reality. Many think that being gentle and taking life with good manners politeness, are old-fashioned.

If she had known that it is not good to hide under the greedy table, she would not had landed into such a smelling murder case.

We have to as individuals model our lives in such a way that anyone who thinks he or she wants to be against us will certainly walk away with a smile.

Modern Life should not be about who is smarter but who respects and appreciates humanity. This should be the bastion of Modern Life!

If she had known, she would not have become popular in an ingloriously attitude that can be christened Fame of Shame.

From the time immemorial, sages had said that good name is better than any ill-approach to life and money will never surpass good behaviour.

We have to as individuals make sure we lead a life worth emulating, knowing that a qaulitative manner reveals trust and positions one to meet the who-is-who around his or her world.

It is good manner that makes one a leader; not age, certificates, gender or what have you. Just good manners.

Just at 21, she has succeeded to kill the man and amass temporary wealth to herself, but she can’t recover her sullied reputation, which has gone with the winds of kleptomaniac tendencies.

June 25 2021.

Hotel: Be Careful

I branched to a pub on the road where I reside for their pepper soup which I occasionally take.

Few minutes I sat on a chair decorated at the balcony, emerged a young man supposed to be in his early 30s.

“Goodevening sir,” he greeted, chuckling, beaming an infectious smile, as if we had met before, as if he was a friend.

“Thank you,” I responded, skeptically.

He couldn’t remove his eyes and smiles off me.

“Is anything the matter?” I entreated.

“I know you,” he responded.

“But I don’t know you,” I swiftly told him and of a truth, I had not met him prior to the day.

“I know you in this hotel,” he forced on me.

“It is okay. But I maintain that I don’t know you,” I reiterrated.

“Anyway, this won’t stop you from giving me a bottle of beer,” he said.

“But I don’t drink alcohol,” I responded.

“That doesn’t mean you don’t buy for people.”

“Okay, a bottle of beer won’t be a problem. Tell the management what you want and I will pay.”

“I just need the money. I have family at home. I lost my job.”

I look at the job-loser, askance. I pulled a few notes and gave to him. He was happy and left.

As he was going, he openned the street gate for me to have easy ride after, which was closed by passersby who wouldn’t pass without touching the gate.

I was grateful!

As he left, thoughts upon thoughts mounted my mind: Whatever were their reasons, some persons do not pass you if you are welldressed, have the frame of a wealthy man, without targeting you for aid.

Since last night June 18 2021 I had the encounter with the man, I have reprogrammed my mind of visiting pubs for relaxation for fear of telling other story that touches the mind.

June 19 2021.

A Thought On Death

Beyond Religion And Culture: Some persons would say they are not afraid of death and they know their reason.

Some of these persons believe that it is not death but another adventure, and we have to be much concerned about what we do with the time given to us.

Only few understand that within this time given to us to live, they have to live their lives because when death comes to them, no one will die for them. But others live the life others want them to live.

Against this backdrop, few are prepared to die at any time, whereas others don’t care.

As individuals, we have to stop walking the stepcase in the dark; we might get injured. So, we have to make the hays while the sun shines.

It is better for the individual to locate that beautiful and positive thing he or she likes and let that thing kill the person instead of believing that because a man died for something doesn’t make the thing true.

Many of us are killed when our loved one dies, forgetting that death is not always a journey to the grave but a journey loudly proclaiming our existence, our reality. Hence, let’s see life as a music and dance to its rymes and rhythms that will continue to reverberate on earth when our earthly body is gone.

June 12 2021.