Hotel: Be Careful

I branched to a pub on the road where I reside for their pepper soup which I occasionally take.

Few minutes I sat on a chair decorated at the balcony, emerged a young man supposed to be in his early 30s.

“Goodevening sir,” he greeted, chuckling, beaming an infectious smile, as if we had met before, as if he was a friend.

“Thank you,” I responded, skeptically.

He couldn’t remove his eyes and smiles off me.

“Is anything the matter?” I entreated.

“I know you,” he responded.

“But I don’t know you,” I swiftly told him and of a truth, I had not met him prior to the day.

“I know you in this hotel,” he forced on me.

“It is okay. But I maintain that I don’t know you,” I reiterrated.

“Anyway, this won’t stop you from giving me a bottle of beer,” he said.

“But I don’t drink alcohol,” I responded.

“That doesn’t mean you don’t buy for people.”

“Okay, a bottle of beer won’t be a problem. Tell the management what you want and I will pay.”

“I just need the money. I have family at home. I lost my job.”

I look at the job-loser, askance. I pulled a few notes and gave to him. He was happy and left.

As he was going, he openned the street gate for me to have easy ride after, which was closed by passersby who wouldn’t pass without touching the gate.

I was grateful!

As he left, thoughts upon thoughts mounted my mind: Whatever were their reasons, some persons do not pass you if you are welldressed, have the frame of a wealthy man, without targeting you for aid.

Since last night June 18 2021 I had the encounter with the man, I have reprogrammed my mind of visiting pubs for relaxation for fear of telling other story that touches the mind.

June 19 2021.

A Thought On Death

Beyond Religion And Culture: Some persons would say they are not afraid of death and they know their reason.

Some of these persons believe that it is not death but another adventure, and we have to be much concerned about what we do with the time given to us.

Only few understand that within this time given to us to live, they have to live their lives because when death comes to them, no one will die for them. But others live the life others want them to live.

Against this backdrop, few are prepared to die at any time, whereas others don’t care.

As individuals, we have to stop walking the stepcase in the dark; we might get injured. So, we have to make the hays while the sun shines.

It is better for the individual to locate that beautiful and positive thing he or she likes and let that thing kill the person instead of believing that because a man died for something doesn’t make the thing true.

Many of us are killed when our loved one dies, forgetting that death is not always a journey to the grave but a journey loudly proclaiming our existence, our reality. Hence, let’s see life as a music and dance to its rymes and rhythms that will continue to reverberate on earth when our earthly body is gone.

June 12 2021.

Macron: If Buhari Was Slapped

French President Emmanuel Macron was publicly slapped in the face on Tuesday, June 8 2021.

The slap was by a man in a crowd he had gone to shake hands wirh who was in line with other members of the public as Macron visited southeast France.

Immediately after the slap, some security men rushed in and Macron continued with his handshake with others while the slapper was left accordingly. The footage of the video had since gone viral on social media.

There was no arrest, bully, or AK-47 lazy security men seen.

If it were Major General Muhammadu Buhari (Rtd), President of Nigeria that was publicly slapped, the crowd around the man that slapped him would have been in the morgue by now. Courtesy of his security personnel who are known for trigger happy.

The crowd would by now be making headlines in the Nigerian media, being labelled terrorists or bandits or Unknown Gunmen. The Nigerian bully security men would by now, be enslaving the area where the incident happened in the name of arrest.

The unlimited intolerance security personnel show in Nigeria is second to none. As we can see, the man that slapped Macron was intolerant and if he was in Nigeria, the soldiers around would have been deafening citizens ears with gun shots and a show of onslaught and you wonder when a war broke out.

The Nigerian security agents are ever ready to suppress utterances and rational arguments of the civilian citizens. At least, Nigerians saw that during the Oct. 2020 #ENDSARS protest that later gulped the lives of innocent youths at Lekki Tollgate.

The truth is that the Nigerian system needs laxative to purge its known enemies of egoism, arrogance, conceit, greed, intolerance, anger, lying, cheating and slandering.

These are the true enemies of the Nigerian system and not innocent citizens security agents always learn how to shoot their guns with.

June 8 2021.

Going The Ancestral Part

Our ancestors have a way to connect with us, to mend the gap grave has created between us.

Our love for them never dies, even when we did not see most of them; but the histories told about them, always send chills to our spines and enliven our memories. That’s for those who love the history of their heritage, not the Efulefus.

From Native Americans to Italians to Irish to Scottish or Jewish faiths and here in Africa, aboriginal people are always encouraged by their traditional historical backgrounds and their ancestors always encourage them through means known and unknown to them as Spirit Guides.

We always draw from the strength from our family heritages and historical data. We don’t get tired loving our ancestors as we also treasure all that they did in making sure we are here.

Whatever your family stories are, they are not coincidence. My voyage in the spirit has taught me that Nature or God or Universal Intelligence (not Jehovah) has a way of using our Ancestral histories to teach us for the purpose of garnering wisdom and knowledge of which without our histories, we might not consider.

Going the spirit part and path is not always cosy and rosy; but learning from the lessons your history is teaching you is a divine calling.

June 4 2021.

Imo & Soldiers: Lessons From Israeli Soldiers

We have been watching videos and listening to audios coming out from Owerri, the capital of Imo State.

Such informations were from residents bemoaning their ordeals in the hands of the Nigerian soldiers deployed to that state since the brouhaha of what is now dubbed Unknown Gunmen started.

The tales from residents have been gory, especially in the Orji area, of how those meant to be protected, have turned out to be the victims of the situation.

While the Nigerian military known for mastery in lying will deny it, residents are saying that soldiers are picking youths on the roads, in their houses and making away with them.

Such behaviour of soldiers who were supposed to protect their civilian population is tyranny and gateway to bestiality.

Picking the civilian population in Owerri and labeling them criminals, such an act is only known of enemies of humanity and of civilisation.

Common! This is democracy which was attained by our great men and women who fought against very tenaciously the behaviours of the military today, in those days.

A sensible military cannot be revolting against insecurity yet being fingered as the uncelebrated trained murderer. This was how pogrom and mutilation of Ndigbo was expedient in the North leading to the 1967-1970 (uncivil war). Regrettably, while that of the yesteryears pogrom happened against Ndigbo in the north, it’s invariably repeating against Ndigbo in their own land in the name of fighting insecurity.

It is saddening that wherever the Nigerian soldiers are sent to make peace, the defences of the common civilians are not guaranteed. We saw this in Oyigbo of Rivers state, from October 23 2020 to date, when soldiers were deployed in the town to curb what Governor Nyesom Wike of the state called “IPOB members”.

It is a shame for Nigeria that in the modern warfare, a country like Israel was afraid to attack terrorists in Palestine who werethrowing missiles into Israel while using civilians as shade.

Israel was not provoked to throw reprisal missiles where the terrorists were hiding for fear of destroying civilians’ lives.

This is not known of Nigerian soldiers who would rather prefer to be shooting sporadically recklessly when deployed into a city without minding the civilian casualties. We experienced this in Oyigbo and Owerri is now sharing in that ingloriously attitude of the Nigerian military.

The military does not make ceasing resistance not to touch civilians in such a trip of self-acclaimed peace keep; the civilians become their highest casualties without minding their filthy undemocratic operation.

Owerri is bleeding. People are being mowed down daily. This military interventionist’s deployment is in its entirety a hatred towards mankind. Both the perceived personal and political quarrels ongoing in Owerri were very abruptly to converge.

The citizens of Imo State can’t regularly be terrorised by pogrom in the special name that those carrying out the dastardly act are soldiers. I could hardly credit the innocent Imo youths and their parents and loved ones being criminalised in their different homes were done so by cultured military men and women. The world over condemns such a crassly attitude by the Nigerian soldiers.

June 7 2021.

A Short Speech

Greetings Everyone.
As a young man, a poet made me to understand that best brains in Africa are found in the graves. This does not mean that such brains wanted the graves but they were victims of what a professor once said and I quote, ‘Anything good, Nigeria kills.” This means that the citizens are deprived of vital opportunities such that are obtained in other sane climes and the citizens of this country are not secure in what I will call Nigeria’s Project. The successive governments have hurt the citizens overtly and covertly, put them down, even gossiped about the youths, saying they are lazy people. The youths are not secure in the hands of the government that belittles their personal accomplishments in an environment that the authorities see building infrastructure as a Herculean task. The authorities have learnt how not to overcome insecurity because mediocrity has become their Perfect Confidence. Sending security agents in the streets to cage the masses’ complaints has become the authorities’ Consolation Prize. The authorities should be convinced they are very jealous, angry, bitter, egotistical when their failed country is signposted to the top of mountains. This is a country where public opinion is dubbed terrorism. Truly, lies have infected Nigeria and Nigerians are saying the truth is only screamed louder just in the souls of majority. The authorities need to secure the country first with their institutions formidable before fighting insecurity.

I am Odimegwu Onwumere.
May 30 2021.

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Can This Lead To Divorce?

Many problems we face might not be spiritual.

A cheerful lady, she was dressing her hair when I was passing her shop, near my elder sister’s house.

The date was May 20 2021. She was radiating on a complexion that was not known of her. This caught my attention.

“My husband said he doesn’t like my toned skin,” she said. “He said he married me for my dark skin, not the toned one.”

As an adult, I was afraid to tell her that her decision of toning her skin was wrong. But we talked about it without causing any disaffection.

I told her that she should stop using the cream since her husband had shown displeasure in it.

She was curious to finish the cream because it was costly. I passively pleaded she should give the cream to anyone whose skin can match the cream.

She showed signs of giving the cream out but was thoughtful about it, by her look.

“Little things cause divorce in relationships,” I told her.

“Can this cause divorce?” she asked fearfully. “I had thought it’s only when caught in a skelewu outside matrimonial home that causes divorce?”

It was my resolve to tell her that even the slightest things in a family can cause divorce. She was unease.

Like my friend, there are one million and one little things the individuals do that lead to divorce without their preknowledge.

When a partner continually hammer on something he or she believes you have the power to mend but you refuse to change; if your behaviour do not cause divorce, it will cause disaffection in the relationship.

So, it behoves the individual to always be watchful of the wife or husband’s policies and walk with them in a relationship.

May 20 2021.

Love Isn’t Enough For A Relationship

BEYOND RELIGION AND CULTURE: Today, many people are concerned about their spiritual life, job, facial look and sundry without showing great concern for their love or relationship life.

The nonchalant attitude towards the later is a problem in our daily life today. As a people or individuals, this calls for a great concern and we have to look into some of the things that often fail our love life.

Much as we believe that stubbornness, ego, responsibility make love fail, character encompasses all of the above. Our behaviour towards each other can make or mar our love.

How we treat others or the love we show to the other often depends on family, culture and environment and others we inherited.

For example, I once visited a lady. We talked a lot of things and she gave me the height of hospitality. But when I wanted to go home, she neither escorted me to open her office gate nor escort me, as has been a tradition in my clime. She didn’t even call or send a text to enquire if I got home.

After two days of the visit, she sent a text enquiring why I didn’t care to reach her since I left. That’s a story for another day.

However, I have a policy: I don’t repeat a journey twice where I feel I am not accepted. Others perhaps think that it is only when a man has gone under the skin of a woman that he can leave. Different strokes to different people. Character keeps me or repels me while dealing with any body. It doesn’t matter what I have lost or gained. It depends on my joy and how I am appreciated.

Relationship is a beautiful thing, but many people are not dedicated to understand the tenets of handling this business called affairs, but are rather busy with excesses ignoring the vital aspect of human life.

Love alone will not make a relationship but attitude. You might have a good intention towards a person but you are overtly or covertly showcasing odoriferous characters towards the person you love or that loves you, hence killing love on the altar of oversight or hindsight.

It is obvious that a man and woman who came together for love’s sake are concerned about hooking up by any cost and not actually working against all their personal negative lifestyles; they see all the negativities as possitvities. It only takes a mature or discerning mind to sieve behavioural irritants as not part of love and begin earlier to follow the person or pull out.

Much as our behaviours are different, a relationship is like a job interview. When you feel you have all it takes to gain a particular job and in the course of interview, if all your professed qaulifications don’t meet with the company’s want, they won’t employ you.

It is not always better to single out love as the only thing that works in a relationship, it is our character that build love. In the absence of qaulitative character, there is no love.

There is no love where there is no happiness. It is character that build or kill happiness in a relationship. We know there are biological issues that kill relationship but this is always on another plane of love affairs.

Make every relationship as if you are responsible for it. This is what character means. Value the other person. Make the person feel wanted always. We are not attracted to the opposite sex by their facial, financial and sundry acquisitions only; we are better attracted when our attraction is built on the foundation of maximum character which evolves into love, be it romantic or platonic love.

Let’s always know that attraction alone can’t buy manners, morals and intelligence.

May 20 2021.

Killed In Sleep

This is certainly not how to die:
To be extirpated while in your sleep,
Not by assassins or criminals
But by those who hold official guns
Whose novel ways of arresting insecurity
Is to “shoot at sight” innocent people
Whose non-innocence were not proven
Not even by the Court or themselves.

It is a physical shame, heightened
Threat to humanity, to pummel any soul
Not minding Human Rights or thinking
Making devil’s angels will be right
When keeping security has become self-loathing, when officials make
victims disappear into language
Of literature, the mind, laughter.

Is it human bodies that are attracting
The guns? Authorities can criticise killers
While they lack decorum in handling
The human spirit, whose body was killed
While sleeping without any gun duel
But for the reason of hearsay.

A country has degraded to sluggish
Methods of handling insecurity:
Just just like those it pursues,
She has the same fanatical frenzy,
To “shoot at sight”.

Is it dangerous to have soldiers
Who have become a sort of militants
That burn people’s houses, kill suspects
In their sleep and call such bravery
Or are divided in the influence of
religion paralyses: Far from being civil.

Killing persons without
Fired ammunition in their sleep
Is height of arrogance and not greatness.


May 13 2021.