Rivers: From Demolition To Deduction

By Odimegwu Onwumere

In a town hall meeting with Rivers community in Abuja on the 5th November 2012, Governor Chibuike Amaechi-led Government of Rivers State, so they said, announced that it has placed order for two helicopters.

It was a good development to note that the helicopters would be used  to assist security operatives in the task of safeguarding oil and, hounding its criminals out of the thievery business.

While this is good, one aspect of that gathering that was so exceptional was the governor’s intimation that the state was in its impulses and fancy with plans to trail a veritable new environmental law.

This law which was said would be sent to the House of Assembly was also said, would absolutely foster an optimum waste management in the state. The issue of pollution arising from virtually all facets of business in the state was not left out.

It is better we read those issues raised in Amaechi’s own words: “We are putting a law in place that will punish all those who pollute our environment.

We have placed orders for two helicopters that will arrive in December. Those helicopters will fly across the entire state 24 hours. They carry cameras that can see criminal activities; the police, the State Security Service (SSS), the army will be monitoring the areas also…. I want to see a waste treatment plant which we are already building at Rumuokwurusi. There are two plants; they are building one at Kira in Ogoni which deals with metal scraps.

The Rumuokwurusi plant will deal with solid wastes, and work is expected to be completed next year.”

It is important that the state takes the issue of environment seriously to reinstate Rivers State to its inventive plan.

This was the plan that most of us saw in Amaechi when he newly came to power.

It could be recalled that in September 2008, Amaechi, through the state Ministry of Urban Development, ordered the knocking down of a warehouse belonging to his wife, Judith. This happened near the Abonnma Wharf, Port Harcourt. The building was found to have impinged on the right of way. It was classified as illegal structure, hence bulldozers were sent to do the clean-up job.

In the voice of the then state Commissioner for Urban Development, Barrister Osima Ginah, he gave reasons for the action thus: “The property was an illegal building situated where it is not supposed to be. So what happened to other stores in the neighbourhood also happened to hers. Government is firm, fair, transparent and serious about her urban renewal programmes. It is not correct that the exercise is targeted at the supposedly enemies of the government.”

As a result of that people said that the Amaechi-led administration deserved a pat on the back, especially for seeking to bring Port Harcourt to its creative Garden City status. Many people were called to join hands with Amaechi to redeem the state. Some observed that what Amaechi was doing was to bring the city back to the original form as planned by the British many years ago.

But instead of continuity in doing much after the much praise, three years after, the story has changed?

At the moment, it is the news of deduction of Civil Servants salaries; although Amaechi might have a cogent reason for that. Conversely, this is evident that things are done half-haphazardly in the state. And in some intelligence, the residents were not happy. This view was even caught in a rather factual observation thus: “It’s not a matter of putting a hold to the illegal deductions; it is a matter of integrity and resentment to obnoxious law and a governor’s penchant to flout simple agreement with no regard for the next party.”

That statement was from the Civil Servants, while Amaechi was said to have given reasons for the action the government had taken amongst which was the funding of the free education policy. Did you hear that?

Many of us had argued of how Amaechi could fund the “free education” in Rivers State when he was swaggering of it to the high heavens. These days, Amaechi and the Civil Servants are at daggers drawn.

The later was telling Amaechi to discontinue with the deduction of their salaries, a statement which led them planning to stage an industrial action on Friday, November 7, 2012.

There was a belief that the governor had made several promises in the past without keeping them, especially to the Civil Servants, a case that made them wanted to show him the war of ego and profession and, that they were nobody’s stooge. This pressure could be the reason the governor was said to have made a promise of halting the deductions. Notwithstanding, it was not yet Uhuru as that promise was temporarily placed, for the Civil Servants to enjoy the forthcoming season, hence the game would continue in February 2013 in what was termed a better synchronized mode.

But this seemed was not the first the Amaechi-led government was deducting the poor Civil Servants’ salaries. Investigations revealed that the state government had once mandated the state Ministry of Finance to do same shoddy thing of arrears of 8 months from the Civil Servants salary which was with upshot from August to December 2012 to coat the preceding years – 2010/2011.

As a result of this, it was learnt latter that the State Civil Services with the offices of Internal Revenue, Accountant General of the State and the Ministry of Finance saw themselves in a freezing confrontation over who faultily issued the indication that sparked off the emergency in the state.

These things are not good for our Rivers State, especially among the class regarded as educated people. When did Rivers State turned to a combat zone? It was not long that Amaechi called the then militants ‘criminals’ and, everybody seemed was in support of him than hypothetically the militancy of words cropped-up.

It is not good that each day that passes comes with it one form of threat or the other from the state government. This November alone, the Rivers Government has threatened to close down hospitals that were not adequately staffed and equipped. And the question could be, what does the government want those under such hospitals’ employ to do? What is the resourceful alternative given by the government to the would-be affected hospitals?

As this Amaechi-led government of Rivers State had always posited to be a developed one in comparison to the governments in Europe, it behooves it to create loan approaches with which it can assist the less-privileged hospitals, but regrettably the government was sourcing for fund more than some of us who are beginners to assist in its long-queue of projects.

It is not better times to hear the threat of sending those hospitals packing from Dr. Sampson Parker at a press briefing consequently: “Any hospital that is below the required medical standard will be closed down, whether it is owned by government or private individuals.

Rivers State will no longer tolerate quackery; there is no way only two doctors can service a secondary health centre.”

What was expected from the Amaechi-led government was to maintain or sustain its numerous policies instead of all these gra-gra we can see. Even at the Braithwaite Memorial Specialist Hospital, Port Harcourt, where Parker had swanked that his presence has revived since he assumed office five years ago as he had claimed that patients received drips on the floor, it is our informed prayer that he should do undercover investigation and, he might be surprised with the way the management run the business of the hospital. Hooey!

However, Amaechi should further put a law that will punish all those ministries that were underperforming or that were just titular in the state. They also pollute our environment. Amaechi should also place orders that all the roads, say in Oyigbo, should be reconstructed in December. The presumed law would be monitoring the activities of all the ill-ministries in the state at least for 12 hours instead of 24 hours. It would also be a good development if Amaechi would place orders of helicopters that would be used to investigate the many bad roads the residents have come to endure in Rivers State in the name of democracy.

•Odimegwu Onwumere, Poet/Author, Media Consultant, Motivator, Founder of Poet Against Child Abuse (PACA), and the Coordinator, Concerned Non-Indigenes In Rivers State (CONIRIV), is based in Rivers State, Nigeria. Phone: +2348032552855.

Email: nirivpol@gmail.com


Abia State And The Governance Of A Little Mind

By Odimegwu Onwumere



Abia State Government has swamped much in the news. Either Governor Theodore Orji was swanking about many of his optical-illusion developments or critics were pointing out what they perceived were anomalies and amoralities that have played in the government culminating to underprivileged human existence in the state.



This dissertation tends to look at a number of the drawn out problems as they remained unabated. Like a Henry David Thoreau would say, great men, unknown to their generation, have their fame among the great who have preceded them, and all true worldly fame subsides from their high estimate beyond the stars. On the other hand, Thoreau’s testimonial is not the case Governor Orji has been concerned with. And he does not believe in a Thomas Fuller that an invincible determination can accomplish almost anything and in this lies the great distinction between great men and little men.



Sheer practical and inhumane life experiences are playing in Orji’s Abia State. Mournfully, they are not effecting true democracy across the state. Foolhardiness is not limited in the state. There is no creation of jobs the same way there has been creation of news, but in the wrong direction by Orji. He is not committed to building the deteriorated environments in that state and, preserve subsisting legacies.



It was intended that the Orji-led government would solidify the necessary environment for business development and conception of new jobs for the citizens. The government is rather committed to doing nothing about that, thereby frustrating untapped potentials of the state. Upon these that are downplaying in Abia State, the citizens are not left out of performing optimally in assisting the government in many ways. And they wished that the government could be concerned with their welfares, which have only become a subject of to no avail.



In any organised environment, it behooves the government to be concerned with the good affairs of its citizens, but Orji-led government sees this as the last principle of a sustainable development. The government has continued to build hope without anything to show for it for many years since it came to saddle. The government continues to use tactics of miscarriage of good governance as a legacy it will leave for the Abia people. This strategy defines the government’s ineptitude in serving the people as long as it lasts.



The Orji-led government has always swaggered of addressing the chief infrastructural needs of the people. But freshly, it said that it would reconstruct sixteen roads in Aba and, one wonders why such hoodwink. Entire place like Aba to see just sixteen roads? Still, this is against the many parroted so-called projects the governor had said that it expended billions of naira for in Aba. The comment that it would look into the plight of sixteen major roads in Aba has further proved that the critics of the government were right when they said that the government in Abia State is underperforming.



Re-evaluating Abia State is not a sugarcoated story. The state government is always consulting its cronies inguise that it consults Abia people on how to carry out seemingly physical, economic and environmental problems of the state. Even spiritually! One thing with the Orji-led government is that it has no basis and, it is crystal clear that it lacks the dexterity to build the institutional foundation needed by all that will serve the people right.



Abia has been one state in the annals of Nigeria, where Orji has always seek the citizens’ sympathy, endurance and teamwork for many years, without him leading the people right, who have accepted their ill-fate to remain resolute in the face of governance tyranny. No government has always said that it shares in the plight of its people and yet, still left them in a perpetual dungeon, with falsity that it will rebuild and build roads as soon as the rainy season collapses, when many rainy seasons had come and gone, without any of the promises kept.



Not even security has come to stay in Abia State. It is a sham when a contrary view is heard. Even the security men the federal might deplored to a town of Aba are turning outlandish to the inhabitants. This is what the people have got in place of Orji’s swear to the people to expect his government’s antagonistic approach to repairing Aba.



It is laughable when the Orji-led government mouthed that it has put up an outline to undyingly deal with the issue of flooding in Aba. How can this be when there is hardly any functional drainage and pliable roads in Aba? Not even the sanitation situation has been tackled with head-long. What the people have got are the government’s boasts upon boast. The government has said that it would link water in Aba to the channels down to the Aba River and, at the same time, said that it intends to dredge and clean up the Aba River. Always double-speaking!


Maybe, Orji-led government does not know that people look at it disdainfully; it was not long that this government spent much money in telling the world in the media that it would bring down houses it claimed were built on water channels. The government is always resolving without revolution to show. In earnest, there could hardly be any building that is obstructing water ways in Aba; the government is the problem obstructing the easy passage of flood water in Aba, for tackling the problem by only mouthing.


It is pertinent that the Orji-led government understands that the citizens are not enjoying the taxes they have been paying to seeing that projects that meet the eyes reach them. With the lack of change the people can see, it is not out of place to say that the government is only interested in the taxes of the citizens and, not in the citizens. It is a perplexity that the government is good at witch-hunting its critics and, has not craved in to bid their yearnings. Not even the Orji-led government Internal Revenue realization policies have yielded to the aspiration of its citizens, but a New Abia State Internal Revenue and Collection Platform is being implemented?


It’s a welcome development to notice that in the said new platform, those who are concerned with the-on-ground revenue collection of the state were notified to hands-off their activities by the end of December, 2012. This will be good because the people, especially those in Aba, have paid taxes through their nostrils.


No more blatant lies. They irritate the citizens. This Orji-led government should lead with the people’s expected plans and, not the make-belief’s government policies. There is no gainsaying the fact that the Orji-led government is not leading according to the people’s expectations. It is therefore an intimidation to the people that putting up of buildings must follow somewhat approved plans, when the government on its part is very far from showing an exemplary cross-reference to democratic norms and ties.


The Orji-led government should stop the ruse that the government is dedicated to building enormous cities, bequest government tombstones, roads, protection of its staff and mounting its economy, when there is nothing to show for the many given words.


The irritation of the Orji-led government will passively leave the people when in earnest the government matches action with words and, by extension begin to do people-oriented jobs. Orji should respect the rule of law, which is the rule of the people. He should stop being a political actor, but a good governance actor. He should stop the mindless abuse of power. Let the government repent and embrace good governance, for the citizens and critics to abate the view of him as a small man.


Odimegwu Onwumere who temporarily relocated to Abia State, contributed this piece from Aba. Email: apoet_25@yahoo.com

Democracy and Kalu’s Quest For A Better Nigeria

By Odimegwu Onwumere



Many of us had been ruminating about the former Governor of Abia State, Dr. Orji Kalu’s petition to act as a go-between for the restoration of peace in the Northern part of the country troubled by the Islamic sect popularly known as Boko Haram. In the same vein he had told the advanced world democracies to assist the developing countries to solidify democracy which Nigeria happens to be one of the developing countries. They said that Kalu made the disclosure when he visited the French Parliament recently. They also said that he was honoured during the trip by Mr. J.K. Franso and other congresspersons at the Foreign Affairs Committee room at the assembly in Paris, France.



As these came with Kalu’s declaration to help in solving the Boko Haram menace through dialogue, means that he is a social democrat. Although, with the uncivilized democracy many of these developing countries practice, it behooves France and other developed countries to assist in earnest, in building a morally and transparent democratic norms in the countries of case study. Did Kalu not say that when democracy takes its rightful place in the society, all citizens will embrace their government without deportment to any security risks to the nation?



As many of us know Kalu as a man of his utterances who has initiated programmes in many quarters but especially through his Saturday Sun Column but the government at the centre seems is playing the ostrich, we must agree with the news that the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has failed Nigerians. Look at it, going to two decades the party has ruled Nigeria things have not improved than the military left it. It could even be said that the military were better than the civilian rule called democracy in Nigeria we have come to endure. At least, the military were able to construct and re-construct roads in Nigeria. But this PDP, without mincing words, is truly a disappointment.



The lackadaisical bearing of the government at the centre to duty has been discomfiture to the yarning of Kalu, which invariably is tilting against the trust once reposed on it by the electorates. This is why democracy should not be about the number but about implementation and execution of democratic dividends that would reach the people. It is not always good that the state of infrastructure in the country is embarrassing. And in the countries that Kalu has called to assist democracy in a country like Nigeria, roads are necessities to development and, not used as a tool for politicking, as is the case in Nigeria. Other facilities to include health facilities, qualitative education, improved economy, security, stability in democracy are what exist in the democracies of the developed world, but the same are not applicable to Nigeria. Nigerians are suffering under democracy more than in any other form of government. This is the bane of Kalu.




To affirm Kalu’s position, an analysis has this to show: In 1998, 40 per cent of Nigerians lived below the poverty level but as at today the figure has risen to about 70 per cent and as we all know a hungry mind is the devil’s workshop. Nigerians cannot afford two square meals talk less of three square meals. Abuse of office under the PDP government has become a way of life leading to scams in pension, subsidy and Security and Exchange Commission administration.  The level of unemployment has led the country into security problems such as Boko Haram, militancy, kidnapping, declaration of self government amongst others. The rule of law has been greatly abused; the judiciary has lost financial and administrative autonomy due to undue and overbearing influences by the government, leaving the lone voice to be deprived justice. The PDP-led government uses all state apparatuses, including anti-graft agencies, to fight their political enemies and many political opponents have been denied victory because elections are characterised by military intimidation with the use of armoured tanks, arms and ammunition to prevent people from exercising their voting rights.



The period of 1999 to 2007 might not be utopia to Nigerians but it was expected that this present government could have improved but to no avail. This is the reason Nigerians should listen to Kalu anytime he speaks. He is a man who has been betrayed by many he trusted, but he has not betrayed Nigeria and Nigerians. Especially, since his fallout with the PDP, the party has been doing everything to provoke him, yet he remains calm and, bringing solutions to help in solving Nigeria’s monumental woes.



As a genuine statesman with unflinching love for Nigeria, it was not a point in the wrong direction when Kalu said that he was ready to be the broker for peace between the insurgents and the Nigerian Government: a task which even once Generals in the Nigerian Army are running away from, giving flippancy and unworkable excuses. The Emetu mba ahu mba (Touch a people and see the people) stands on his words. This peace move was not his first; he succeeded in bringing peace among top Army Generals and politicians in Nigeria, which mentioning their names here will be much.



Virtually every soul in the Nigerian politics is for sale but not Kalu’s. He may not be one hundred percent loved by opposing interests, but one thing remains sacrosanct – he is not for sale. And this has been the surprise of traducers.  He is not a confusionist, but many are confused about how he sets his goals and achieved them. Politically, he is still as relevant as ever and, is not standing on his last leg. One does not think that he said that he was ready to bring peace in Nigeria because of financial profit that may accrue, but for Nigeria’s. He was even ready to spend his own money, which is not new to him.


Let the Federal Government not play politics with this onerous task. Kalu has not said that he is the saviour of Nigeria, but any discerning mind will know that he wants to save Nigeria. By his posture, he does not want to wield authority over anybody. Many opportunists will do. Kalu has always sponsored proposals for democratic evaluation; an example is the call on established democracies of the world to assist democracy in the developing world when he visited the French Parliament recently.



Odimegwu Onwumere who temporarily relocated to Abia State from Rivers State, contributed this peace from Aba. Email: apoet_25@yahoo.com



By Odimegwu Onwumere



  1. “Christian, Jew, Muslim, shaman, Zoroastrian, stone, ground, mountain, river, each has a secret way of being with the mystery, unique and not to be judged”― Rumi
  2. “She looked like the kind of woman I could fall in love with. Trouble is, she was standing next to the kind of woman I’d like to make love to.”― Jarod Kintz, This Book Has No Title
  3. “Is sex dirty? Only when it’s being done right.”― Woody Allen
  4. “No woman gets an orgasm from shining the kitchen floor. ”― Betty Friedan
  5. “It’s absolutely unfair for women to say that guys only want one thing: sex. We also want food.”― Jarod Kintz
  6. I think a hero is an ordinary individual who finds strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles: – Christopher Reeves
  1. “Jesus answered them, “Is it not written in your Law, ‘I have said you are gods’?” (John 10:34).
  1. “A wife of noble character is her husband’s crown, but a disgraceful wife is like decay in his bones.” (Proverbs 12:4).


Spiritual Musings One: As a boy growing-up in a communal Igbo community, our parents instructed us that it’s very dangerous to throw stone inside a trading market, because we wouldn’t know who it might hit: it might hit our relative. It’s a norm we revered. We sincerely kept to this unique instruction. But as an adult I’ve been at amiss where this wise instruction has gone to, because people today don’t even throw the proverbial stone into a trading market again, but physical bombs and practical bullets, with a reckless abandon, without minding whose ox is gored.


Spiritual Musings Two: When we rage inside and listen to our inner voice, we might get a way out; bcs out of difficulty comes out miracle.


Spiritual Musings Three: A lizard that leaves to abreast the tree trunk invariably is calling on children to toy with her.


Spiritual Musings Four: If snake refuses to exhibit her mettle, children will use her and tie their firewood.


Spiritual Musings Five: A child can only joke with the mother’s breasts, but not with the father’s manhood.


Spiritual Musings Six: An old woman does not get old in a music she knows how to dance best.


Spiritual Musings Seven: Schooling has exposed us to some dangerous trainings and we are operating in different directions blaming our Devils and our Gods for the woes of the world. Have our individual capitalistic knowledge not been haunting us? Can the communal ‘native’ intelligence of our forebears be bought in any universities of the world?


Spiritual Musings Eight: One of my friends does not care to know where I relocated to, but he knows where all the bad girls in town live. Is he a bad guy?


Spiritual Musings Nine: I saw her, and she looks like the artistic portrait she qaulified for, as a make-up artist. I saw her, and she is into beauty business, but not beautiful. I saw her, and she is passionate about her beauty business, but how come that beauty is not passionate about her?


Spiritual Musings Ten: No matter how religious any lady might be, can a man win her heart, respect and love in an approach for the game of romantic love affairs with religious words like, ‘Baby, The Lord Loves You’ instead of, ‘Baby, I love You’?


Spiritual Musings Eleven: Death is inevitable, and so also is the lack of willpower to forget the death of a beloved dead inevitable. Has the dead not gone, but has the lovely and bittersweet memories shared together also gone?


Spiritual Musings Twelve: A mingy financially rich-person can only feel remorse when s/he lost a beloved relative or friend, but will not feel guilty that s/he couldn’t assist the person to become financially independent, when death hasn’t struck. Is there any need then that s/he lavishes the money at the funeral for cheap publicity?


Spiritual Musings Thirteen: How many spinsters will say AMEN to this? “MAY YOUR BROTHERS AND SONS BE LIED TO THE WAY YOU RECKLESSLY LIE TO MEN.”


Spiritual Musings Fourteen: My Igbo people would say that a wife who knows how to handle the heart of her husband, people would think that she is using charms.


Spiritual Musings Fifteen: Woman is the height of treasures to man. She has great influence. But is this why there is an inscription thus? “Women don’t suffer heartattack, they give men heartattack”. Pls, I reject any forms of heartattack that would lead me also to any hospitals that was supposed to be where people should go to heal, but has become where people go to die. Is it better you are given heartattack or go to hospital where you will die?


Spiritual Musings Sixteen: There was this lady that I dearly craved to date, a long time ago. She was a beauty to behold, & knew all the ‘bad’ methods to bring me close to her. We were very good friends, & I bit my fingers anytime I set my eyes on her, bcs I couldn’t have her, at least, press my chest to her’s. She always antagonised that I didn’t attend Church, but on one hand, admitted that I was highly principled. However, she characterised the moral codes/principles as “self righteous”. This was her infused & controlled mentality. Upon how many times she went to church, there wasn’t any behaviour to bring her home, except her beauty & alluring breasts & aesthetic black. She was a bag of lies. A titular graduate of ABSU, the only intellect she acquired was how to pervert her voice & speak through the nose. She could send a sms only in abbreviated words. She made avoidable errors, while using the English Language. I found in her, incoherent syntax, everyday. She helped her mother in a mini-restaurant she ran. Her sight brought men around. But she gave me reserved audience. And her two phones rang like a president’s. She used a tablet of soap sold at N1, 500. I didn’t know the cost of her cream. Inshort, she was gorgeous & expensive. She never asked me for money. I heard her called “baby” on phone, anytime she made call, even when I heard the voices of her callers as men. ‘Baby’ was her misleading tactics. I didn’t bother! I loved her beauty, and hoped I could mend her glaring lack-of-foundational lifestyle/behaviour. Her father was old, & she had no elder brother, who could’ve tamed her excesses, at the bud. I presumed. Her mother didn’t stay around. She was always out for ‘business’. The lady told me. It’s obvious that she wanted me, the way I wanted her. Lo & behold, I was disappointed with the story of her RUNS life with rig workers in Bayelsa State. Ladies know what this means. We were in Port Harcourt. Her story with Aristoes wasn’t better, either. The night I went to confront her, she bluntly told me to go & manners. She had said that could I give her say N100, 000 if she asked. I don’t want to say more unprintable things surrounding her manners. This is the type of church people go? They see anyone who attends church as ‘a God fearing’ person’, even when the person has a fish in the cupboard? In this case who is preferred: The Moralist or the Chauvinistic Religionist?


Spiritual Musings Seventeen:

At first

it was enchanting

and they were happy

they have fallen in love,

like we all do.


But as time progresses

it becomes glaring

that the love they fell in

has become

falling in trouble.


Spiritual Musings Eighteen: Time, they say, is the healer of every problem. No matter what the anti-patience are saying, they can never change nature. Those who thought that they could cheat nature by not being patience, always get nature’s repraisal attack. These renegades are in marriage, relationship, business, church, family, school… One may change his or name from Patience to Progress, but cannot change Nature to Non-existence. We knew the case of the New Orleans’ Hurricane Katrina, seemingly in 2005, where ocean jumped board, to claim its sabotaged bank. Patience is good, and those who think it should only remain as a word and, not as a practice, always land into immeasurable trouble, at last.


Spiritual Musings Nineteen: Pls, where are we heading to in the recent times? A married lady-friend isn’t happy. Her hubby isn’t up and doing financially. As a result, her elder sister is mounting pressure on her to have a man-lover, who probably will be assisting her financially, to enable her be meeting up with her glaring pressing needs. When she acquainted me with this ugly development from her elder sis, I was muddled. “Your elder sis gave you such crass idea?” I asked. She was sobbing. A reserved lady, she’s not comfortable with her sis for the philanderous disposition. Such drivel hardly happen before, let alone, the idea coming from almighty elder sibling. It is surprising how things once regarded as taboo are taking centre stage of our behaviourial menu.


Spiritual Musings Twenty: Pls, teach these children manners. A girl whom I didn’t know added me on Facebook, which was normal, & latter inboxed me thus, “SUP”. And I replied, “SUP?” She wrote back, “How are you?” I found it hard to ignore her now, albeit upset. “Oh! Iam fine,” I pretended. “Thanks.” She added, “K. Where are you?” I couldn’t stand such disdain and unmannered approach of her’s. I went to her profile, she was born in 1995. It smashed on me that we have lost some sense of sanity. At her age I already knew how to approach people, let alone, people that I didn’t know. I was taught that outside home, there are rules and regulations, but these lads & lasses have thrown these to the winds. Even at my present age I can’t imagine approaching her the way she did me.


Spiritual Musings Twenty One: Once a child is made to believe that s/he is a king in the wrong direction, the most stories that would come out of him or her would be notorious.


Spiritual Musings Twenty Two: “We are no longer in the era of the female actresses suffering from sexual harassment; it is now man to man,” Nollywood movie sensation and movie magnet John Okafor, (popularly known as Mr. Ibu).


Spiritual Musings Twenty Three: There are still aged people that radiate with exceedingly leadership traits. So, it is an irony for anyone to think that the vigour of youths qaulifies them for leadership above the aged.


Spiritual Musings Twenty Four: Some people think that it is their fundamental right to make noise? Such people keep u bored all through the night with the humming noise of their Chinese-made generating set. In the morning again, u hear them raising their voices calling a member of household or something. If they’re the chauvinistic churchers they keep u awake at odd hours with their weightless-thunderous prayers. They unconsciously open their door, “Gbum!”. The volume of their electronics is always Satanic. They do many stupid things without considering how u may be feeling. U can neighter read nor write. Afterall, they are in their flat? If u confront them about their uncouth partern of praying, they automatically tag u the mirage-witch they’ve been praying against. They thank their GOD for EXPOSING u. You don’t even remind them about their noisy electronics. My dear, living with some people isn’t easy in Nigeria. Do people do these bcs of the frail law enforcement aproach the system operates or what? Hope u’re not this neighbour?


Spiritual Musings Twenty Five: There was a time the Oba of Bini was seen by his people as the owner of the universe and, he was hearing direct from their perception of God. Zik of African was also, believed to be holding the key to River Niger. The Bini people thought that the world was limited to those areas the Oba governed, till they met with reality. This is why I see the Adam & Eve story as a section of world’s history. So, those who chronicled the story were in the euphoria of the Bini people, but the problem is that they have refused to accept reality like the Bini people, because their’s is in print.


Spiritual Musings Twenty Six: Like friendship, the concept of God is not something that you study by going to an edifice, like school. If you do not have a good upbringing, it will take hard for you to understand that concept. A good upbringing is not about being fed with golden spoon but a case of having a living conscience. It is very saddening how some people think that when they talk about God and Christ overtime, especially, from the Christian periscope, that they know God, even when they exhibit crass manners.


Spiritual Musings Twenty Seven: Those who think that the lives of others are not important by taking their own lives through the detonation of explosive devices to achieve the dastardly act had already disqualified theirselves of life.


Spiritual Musings Twenty Eight:

IF they hate book, we love book.


If they hate school, we like schooling.


If they are terrorists, we are not the terror.


If they hate us, we love them.


If they like bomb, we hate bombers.


If they like suicide bombers, we see suicide bombers as murderers.


Why do they want the disintegration of humanity, when we like the integration of mankind?


Can’t these killings in the name of religion stop, for humanrace to have some relieve?



Spiritual Musings Twenty Nine: “The point here is that because we have been colonized in Africa, we tend to see everything through the eyes of the white men, but not through our own natural eyes. I tend to portray the culture and religion of my people as being ideal in setting moral codes. Religion, especially, has played a great role in the ethical philosophy all down the ages. The imported religions, [Islam and Christianity] do not have the same powerful hold on the people as the traditional religions, so their use as ethical instruments is not as effective.” (Excerpted by Odimegwu Onwumere from Elechi Amadi’s interview, The Sun LiteraryReview, pg 30, Nov. 3, 2012).


Spiritual Musings Thirty: There is an English word called KLEPTOMANIA. This is what these rapacious pseudo misleaders called Clerics are in Nigeria. What luxurious lifestyle their Jesus couldn’t have done is now their logo. How come a cleric will purchase private jets worth over $40m each? Is this church not calling for a serious revolution when paupers are littered everywhere? Not even Pope could do such! It’s time those who are petronising these vain Men of God followed the compass navigating back to our traditional beliefs, if it is mandated that everybody must worship a God. I’ve summoned these deviants from reality to our anscestors who are waiting to bulala them during each’s transition to the great beyond. These believers of lucre and celeb lifestyles are unthinkable.


Spiritual Musings Thirty One:

We do not read one particular book

and say that we are educated.


We read various authors,

yet we are not educated.


Those who see the concept of God

from one religion’s dogmas,

are dependents of religious prejudices.


Different roads,

do not get a driver

outside the world.


Similarities have no strength;

the strength lies in differences.


Spiritual Musings Thirty Two: It’s not that I find it hard to chat with ladies here. Few of the ladies are very beautiful, wonderful and nice. Others are just the opposite. Few can write good sentences, while many cover-up under abbreviated words and write with glaring mistakes in their presage meanings, upon than. I don’t know many of them, but would have loved to know many of them. I think that I am not fortunate in that I know one of them whom I had loved to chat, but she gets me out and about and boring from chatting. She is not a special person to me, but she portrays some traits of humility and, that glues me. Is it not true that too much of dull and parochial use of words kill chatting? What do you think?


Spiritual Musings Thirty Three:  I am still at amiss why Christian chauvinists still see Jesus as God even when he had not said so. If those who believe in the Jehovah and Yahweh see HIM as a perfect God, the following is one prove that Jesus wasn’t that God and, wasn’t perfect and, wasn’t good. He must be laughing at the religious bigots if he were to be here for ascribing to him what he even rejected. He warned you but you wouldn’t listen thus: “Why do you call me good?” Jesus answered. “No one is good- except God alone.” (Luke 18:19).


Spiritual Musings Thirty Four:

It was long I looked outside

And I was always dreaming

But now that I am looking inside

I have awakened.



Spiritual Musings Thirty Five: How many people know that the science in religion is called spirituality and that having a very intuitive mind is imperative? You cannot be close to your concept of God if you do not question the issues the God has surrounded around you. And a lot of neo-religious bigots do not want people to be doing this. However, if every individual begins to combine the happenings in his or her life, it is evident that before transition, every person must have gotten a full-size of a seemingly Bible. But regrettably, we call such work Biography. The evil spirit of the heart is hard to be exorcised by mere prayers, but by an individual’s conviction to kill such mindset. Every individual has to broaden his or her heart positively, because the more the heart shrinks in a particular dogma, the individual suffers detrimentally of knowledge inherent above board.


Spiritual Musings Thirty Six:

The faith,

The hope,

The trust

We want

To see

In the world

Are within

Our conducts

And not

In our

Book shelves.


Spiritual Musings Thirty Seven: Thank you all! I think if one has a misunderstanding with a post the person should throw in light why s/he disagrees with the post in a polite form and, not showing a gait of monopoly of knowledge in a rather uncouth and unbridled uncivil attitude. Well, for the fact that some people have not read beyond their certificate and text books, hence they are selfish in their seemingly correctional approach and, lack the dexterity to influence people. I don’t know about others, but Iam on Facebook to further my quest for knowledge as a pedant, not to create enemies more than the presumed friends. But in all, Iam not surprised that anybody could exhibit mannerless manners here, because some people just had bad manners before coming on Facebook and, the irritating truth is that, a Vulture will never seize/cease to be a Vulture.

Odimegwu Onwumere, Poet/Author, Media Consultant, Motivator, Founder of Poet Against Child Abuse (PACA), and the Coordinator, Concerned Non-Indigenes In Rivers State (CONIRIV), is based in Rivers State, Nigeria.

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Dear Dr. Chika Unigwe



Congratulations on coming first in the 2012 NLNG Nigeria Prize for Literature with your novel, “Black Sister’s Street”, as was announced by the Chairman of the Board, Emeritus Professor Ayo Banjo, on 1st November, 2012, at a world press conference at Eko Hotel & Suites, Lagos.


I know how much this prize ($100, 000) means to Nigerian writers. Coming 1st shows how much time and effort you had put in the book.


But this should not mean your highest prize, as I’m looking forward to seeing more of your novels more than this.




Odimegwu Onwumere,

Poet/Author, Media/Writing Consultant and Motivator, Founder of PoetAgainst Child Abuse (PACA), Rivers State.


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