Ndi-Anambra Have Chosen Ngige To Lead Anambra Again

By Odimegwu Onwumere

His attendance to contest in the Anambra gubernatorial election billed for November 16 is without doubt heating up Anambra State. Seeing the irresistible support that goes his way, other contestants have resorted to towing the inglorious line of propaganda, knowing full well that Senator Chris Nwabueze Ngige representing Anambra Central senatorial zone, has been chosen by the people.

Senator Ngige garners and enjoys overwhelming support of his people, upon all the cock and bull stories traducers are selling across all the media divides against him, in their inhumane quest and adventure to pull him down. They have said that he desecrated the much revered Ofala Onitsha festival. When they saw that that was not been bought by the masses, they said that he manhandled a Catholic priest, and they continued.

There was nothing they have not done to cast the public against Senator Ngige, but the public are wiser than the hatchet sellers and political jobbers. Ngige’s campaigns attest to the fact that he is loved by eighty percent of his people. And the twenty percent that is still keeping and exhibiting nastiness is just in that, because of party differences.

Anywhere one goes to in Anambra State, the song on the people’s lips is, vote for Ngige. Many are saying that Ngige has a right to choose the political party he wants to belong to. He is a member of the All Progressives Congress (APC). It is not bad.

But traducers are not leaving any stone unturned. When they have seen that Ngige is burgeoning with the people’s support, they resorted to tribal politics, saying that the party Ngige is a member belongs to a particular tribe, which is not Igbo. And one wonders when Ndigbo have gotten a party that is solely meant for them to be members and that people from other tribes are not allowed. This diatribe against Ngige for being a member of the APC, is the invective of his opponents that has made them to bite the dust before the elections, as people can see.

Senator Ngige is one man who can be seen that is open minded among all the other tyro politicians in the Anambra governorship contest, no matter who the people pushing them are. His open mindedness cuts across infrastructural development, rule of law, humility, freedom of association and so many other components he has that are associated with democracy.

Ngige is a compelling figure, an open player, and very freethinking. Ndi-Anambra have incognito chosen to vote for him, because they have tested and approved him as the man who had managed the state properly and will this time, increase the management in manifold.

Senator Ngige has never in the past and will never mess the people up with sentiments, as can be traced to the opponents, who are unintelligent in their comments and posts against the dude. What has made the people of this state to choose Ngige to lead them as governor again is because, he has no tendency of blatant preferential-treatment, which can be seen, is the trait of all the opponents.

People have always attested that Ngige is a social vanguard for the welfare and wellbeing of Anambra people. They know that with his unequivocal and excellent leadership technique, Anambra is safe in his hand. Senator Ngige may not be a billionaire monetary wise, but he is a trillionaire with social, economical and political experiences that will further the much needed cause of the state, devoid of desperation and power mongering come sun, come shine.

No doubt, with his many exemplary qualities his allegation that a certain quarter has embarked upon an exercise to rig the election against him, holds water. He does not want anything that would deprive Anambra people the trust they have reposed on him as the next governor after the incumbent. Hence, he has alerted all the authorities concerned in the business of investigating election matters, but most especially, the Independent Electoral Commission (INEC) and the good people of Anambra State, at home and in the Diaspora.

Senator Ngige is the next governor of Anambra State in waiting, because the dogged Anambra State will resist any forms of imposition that will be contrary to their choice of him. Anambra State sees anybody, except Ngige, as a puppet, as far as the gubernatorial election is concerned.  The people of Anambra State have united to fight against what many see as continued vice-like grip on Anambra finances, by their choice of Ngige.

The matchless aspect of the Anambra people is their stoical stand that none of them will buy the idea of an Igbo party slogan, which some of the opponents are using as their campaign strategy against Ngige’s party, believed to be a political party of a tribe. Anambra people are saying that if they have ever been brainwashed, that was in the past, as they have given Ngige their mandate and no one else.

It, therefore, behooves on Senator Ngige to continue with his distinctive campaigns across all quarters, which have been seen to be devoid of casting the opponents in the mud or seeing that the opponents are mud-slung. Ngige’s people are strongly behind him, because they have seen that he does not play dichotomous politics. He is liberal. Ndi-Anambra have seen that Ngige does not play boardroom politics with blackmails and brickbats. Other opponents may be preferred by those pushing them in the contest, but evident is everywhere that Senator Chris Nwabueze Ngige (Onwa) is the preferred candidate of Anambra people, because he merited it.

Odimegwu Onwumere, a Poet/Writer, writes from Rivers State.

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As Kalu Dialogues For National Dialogue

By Odimegwu Onwumere


Nigerians are contributing their voices to the national dialogue that was given heed by President Goodluck Jonathan on Oct. 1st to be held. This was coming after a long time persuasion by different individuals and groups which suggested that Nigerians needed to talk on a round table in order to iron out things that have been besetting the country. Many have contributed in favour and against this initiative. But to a former governor of Abia State, Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu, who has also contributed his voice towards the project, believes that all the ethnic biases that characterise Nigeria should never see Nigeria as a country going to ramshackle.


Dr. Kalu believes that for true unity among the peoples of the country there should be no dissection, detestation, toxic contention, and jealous that do not make good for a people or peoples. Kalu also believes that even though that such challenging statement as, Nigeria was built on deceitfulness by the European colonialists, since Nigerians have endured and consequently have been making many efforts to put away the perceived treacherous tendencies from the system, they can make Nigeria an enviable country to be looked onto among the comity of nations. 


It is obvious that there are tragedies that the governments at all levels in Nigeria have been fighting very hard to arrest: the tragedies of political, social, cultural, economic, and religious bigotries. But Kalu was of the view that since there have been accusing fingers that the country’s constitutional arrangements since 1914 to date, have not reflected truly to the realities that Nigerians were yearning for, the missing link might be found and shaped at the conference.


Although, he had always praised Nigerians for what he described as, their ebullient spirit in opinion contributions to building the country, he, conversely, said that it is ripe the time for Nigerians to manage the opportunity of the conference and make their profound inputs, instead of calling a dog from the backyard to come and eat the feaces that is defecated by a toddler in the front-yard. This is not the time again to say that referendums and the constitution have been imposed on Nigerians whether or not they like it, but they have been given the opportunity to make their principled policies known to the government for utilisation.


It is believed by Kalu that government cannot build the country alone; it is Nigerians responsibility to join hand in rebuilding the country if they think that it is collapsing, instead of abetting to the collapse, because of self-centeredness. Kalu’s voice has always resonated on the brim that no matter all that dim-witted acts of killing and destruction of property in some parts of the country that no individual or group can plunge the country to experience what countries like Liberia, Kosovo, Croatia, Bosnia, Burundi, Srilanka, Somalia, Sierra Leone, Rwanda and so many others have experienced and are experiencing in the 21st Century, due to lack of dialogue or disagreement after dialoguing, if Nigerians say no.


Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu averred that the stability and peace of the country partly depend on the citizens, even though that they might think the government at all levels have not done enough to assuage their hopes and aspirations of seeing a policy-working-Nigeria. He does not see the country downhill into disintegration, as the best option or dialogue. Disintegration has been the only word on many lips that could settle the problems of the country, but Kalu has been advocating that Nigerians can still make it in ‘one Nigeria’, but through finding solutions that are motivating and compassionate to dissuade the spirit of disintegration.


Nigerians have praised Kalu for seeing that the national conference should be far from being a jamboree of a sort and that those recommended in the Planning Committee should do their composition very well and based on devotion, frankness, veracity, difficult task, and capability. Nigerians have also praised Kalu for putting his leg through his suggestive opinions that the delegates should be properly sworn in by the respective authorities that see to the swearing in of such delegation to avoid the conference turning to a market men and women affair.


It behooves all Nigerians of goodwill to therefore, thank Kalu for seeing and saying that this conference is an opportunity they needed to harness the affairs that would foster the movement and growth of the country. But whether each of the 774 LGAs in the country would be allowed to elect a member, Kalu has said that the planning committee has to decide on what could work for the attainment of this project; hence Nigerians can make their different observations and directions to add to the result.


Invariably, Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu was of the view that recommendations should not be based on political party affiliation to enable the gaining of a transparent and people-oriented result needed to move Nigeria forward. He did not remove the view that the opinions of the political parties would be respected, but only when they are not tailored for cheap blackmail and opposition to the ruling party for selfish interest.


Dr. Kalu was influential with the truth that the government should not cow Nigerians with the security apparatuses, thinking that the National Conference was an election where the heavy presence of the Army, the Navy, the Airforce, and the Police are noticed; but a National Conference should be civil.


Odimegwu Onwumere, a Poet/Writer, writes from Rivers State.

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Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu


Remove Not ‘Sovereign’ From National Conference


(Inset: President Goodluck Jonathan)

By Odimegwu Onwumere


Many Nigerians have thanked President Goodluck Jonathan after October 1st he agreed that Nigerians have to talk in a conference, otherwise called National Conference, and dialogue on ways to move the country forward. Others have as well, reviled him, for agreeing for the conference.


The Federal Government hence set up an advisory committee and gave it modules to follow. Senator Femi Okurounmu was to head the committee and Dr. Akilu Indabawa, as the Secretary of the committee.


In a countrywide comment while marking the 53rd Independence Day anniversary of Nigeria, according to Mr. President, the appointed committee would propose a framework and recommend the form, structure and mechanism of the conference.


It, however, behooves the people not allow the President to steal their sovereignty at the conference, because the people are supposed to decide how and what they want at the conference, and not to discuss what the presidency wants to be discussed, with dictates from the modalities of the advisory committee.


It’s good that Jonathan had said: Our politics should be an art of patriotic labour and selfless service to the community, particularly by the political elite who are placed in positions of great trust and responsibility. Politics has its own high moral principles which abhor distracting and divisive rhetoric.


Therefore, it cannot be taken as certainty, the comment by an opposition political party in Nigeria, that it would not take part in the proposed conference, because it sees dialogue as the constitutional amendment process. It had agreed that such was already ongoing.


Conversely, the party purportedly said that this kind of Jonathan’s proposed dialogue can never be taken as the sovereign type, where stakeholders and opinion leaders in the country have to sit together, to iron out their woes; instead, a few of their disgruntled agents in the National Assembly are already doing the work?


Notwithstanding, Nigerians have to have the depth knowledge of the formation of the country called Nigeria today, before entering into any dialogue. The negotiation has to be that power has to come to the people and the government at the Centre, which controls even the issuance of driver’s license, is weakened. The existing political zones instituted in favour of the country’s politics have to be decentralised, for the formation of regional government that would oversee people-oriented ideologies come to play.


With the devolution of the old eastern region and the politics of state creation, where the South-East has five states as against the six states or more that other politically states enjoy, is one of the undoing of the Nigerian Government in its divide and rule way of dealing with any tribes in the country it reviles.


The country might not have had a transparent conference in the past, but it is obvious that the government has been having conferences against Ndigbo, as the political equation above suggested, without the government addressing justice in the country as they relate to economic, social, political and the most important ones – cultural and religious justices.


In earnest, the people are supposed to construct a new constitutional frame-work in the country, but the government at the Centre creates policies that make people thrive but in its caprices and whims, and not in the growth of the individuals. To buttress this point, the government prides that its Reserved Account is fat, when the individuals are very poor; what is the cause of this is that the government has not allowed the people the willpower to develop, but, rather, to follow the government at its dictates.


It is not a good idea that the government continues to export raw materials abroad, when it could have refined it in the country to create job opportunities for the citizens and regain their sovereign. Professor Ebere Onwudiwe, a political scientist and economist, who has taught at various universities in the USA., in an interview with Vincent Kalu, Saturday Sun, Sep. 7, 2013, said, inter alia: “We have the best grade crude oil for refining in the world, the Bonny Light, which is so easily refined that many countries buy it to help refine their own bad crude that is very hard to refine.


“They buy large quantities of Bonny Light to help refine their own oil and we turn around to import these refined products, thereby creating jobs for people in other countries… We produce raw material as in the colonial days and we are largely doing that after 50yrs of independence. How can we be producing the most easily refined crude in the world and be importing petrol, diesel, kerosene without an iota of shame. If the world isn’t laughing at us they are stupid…”


We can see that the Federal Government continues to boast of being rich, whereas frustration it creates among Nigerians in terms of poverty, absence of consolidated human development and co are alarming, with shock of corruption that has become the trademark of those that run the government.


The peoples of the country enjoy tribalism, which was the result-effect of disuniting people in their regions by the Federal Government to create states; like Rivers State was created out of the old Eastern region in 1967, just to weaken the sovereignty of Biafrans, who took up arms to defend their lives, from being extirpated from the surface of the earth, by the rapacious military government of Yakubu Gowon.


There is no how the peoples of Nigeria can rebuild the foundation again, when the Federal Government is the one playing the ostrich, destroying love, integrity and respect for one another, with lucre for power and chicaneries to projects. The peoples will never enjoy Nigeria, because the government is not reliable with sacrificial leadership. Perhaps, these are happening in the country, because of what the Governor General of Nigeria between 1920 – 31, Sir Hugh Clifford, described Nigeria as.


Clifford said that Nigeria is “a collection of independent Native States, separated from one another by great distances, by differences of history and traditions and by ethnological, racial, tribal, political, social and religious barriers.”  (Nigeria Council Debate.  Lagos, 1920). This description, perhaps, again, compelled (then) Lt. Col. Gowon on November 30, 1966 to fire an Ad Hoc Constitutional Conference.


It is very imperative that the different peoples of the country are given their sovereignty while Nigeria remains one, because before the amalgamation of the country in 1914 by the cheap-wealth-seeking European colonialists, the peoples in this amalgam were controlling their different fates in their different kingdoms.


But since these ethnic combinations, the government has been self-centered, bigoted and troublesome to the fate of the collective Nigerians. To make this point home, the now late Dr Ramsome-Kuti, as the former Director of the Centre for Constitutional Governance, substantiated this fact, according to a file by a group regarded as Niger Delta Congress.


The human rights activist, Dr. Ramsome-Kuti, said: “Long before 1914, when Nigeria was amalgamated, the present space was not a void. People, empires and modes of production existed.


“The far North was ruled by Hausa Habes, which was the home of many tribes, Hausa Magajiya, Abyssinian or of coptic stock. From 900 to 1500 AD. The Hausaland was besieged by political forces from Bornu, the Berbes, Tuyaregs and Arabs. The most formidable was the 1804 Jihad which swept the Habeland, imposed an oligarchy, seized the people and the land until the advent of British rule.


“The Yorubaland had the Oyo empire, which triumphed until about 200 years ago, we also have the Bachama, Birom, Angas, Tiv, Kaje, Nupe, Ijaw, Igbo and numerous others. The merging of the Southern and Northern protectorates in 1914 was accidental so also was the name, Nigeria given to its people.


“It is important to say that British rule was not forged on negotiations with Nigerians, but negotiations with ethnic nationalities. So also there was no “Nigerian position,” but ethnic nationality positions.


“The 1960 independence, to our knowledge, was preceded by a curious finding conducted by Henry Willink supported by Gordon Hardow, Philip Mason, and JB Shearer, which compiled a report on July 30 1958, now known as the Willink Commission of Enquiry…”


Now, those concerned with representation of the different nationalities at the conference have to read cautiously the diverse positions of the nationalities to enable an emancipation of their sovereigns. To get it right at the conference, the government must allow the notion that Nigeria has never been a country of a people with one ideology, culture and tradition.


And this is why the Federal Government is using the two alien religions – Islam and Christianity – as tools to subject Nigerians to its administrative convenience, but to the detriment of the different peoples.


The Federal Government polarised these unfamiliar religions in two zones – Islam for the north and, Christianity for the South, as a way to unite the peoples. But upon all that, the cultural, religious, social, and linguistic differences of the tribes continue to show that the peoples need their sovereign ideologies to sooth their vitality as tribes.


To get this conference right, the Federal Government must eschew deceitfulness, fraud, egocentricity and self-centeredness, so that the many grievances and accusations on each other in Nigeria, would be expelled into annihilation.


Odimegwu Onwumere, a Poet/Writer, writes from Rivers State.

Tel: +2348032552855.

Email: apoet_25@yahoo.com


Gov. Okorocha, forgive T.A Orji


By Odimegwu Onwumere


Your Excellency, Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State. The news of your birthday billed to be hosted in Aba, Abia State, on October 12, 2013, but was apparently cancelled by Governor Theodore Ahamefule Orji of the state, only came to me as a shock, but not as a surprise.


My not being surprised is owing to the governor’s behavioural antecedents against those he has had political frictions with, which you happen to be one of the persons.


Some of us who have been following events as they unfold in the ill-fated government of Gov. Orji, know that the man will end at nothing to illustrate childish beahviour against his rivals, even when such persons have grown-up or posed such event as birthday to expose the man, because he fights things worth fighting for and those worthless to fight for.


For instance, Gov. T.A Orji previously went to the National Chairman of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), with his bunch of yesmen in Abia State, to stop Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu (the finger that fed him he has continued to bite mindlessly), when Kalu wanted to rejoin the party.


Gov. Orji also spearheaded the Abia State University’s senate, to withdraw Kalu’s degree and many animosities he has shown to Kalu. But in all these, Kalu continues to have his way without all the plans of the enemy working against him as planned, while Gov. Orji continues to be-unsuccessful woefully, in his unfriendly strategies against his political foes.


Cancelling your birthday by Gov. T.A Orji has further proved me right that the man is unrepentant. Yet, he poses as a Christian.


This is why I have always asked the federal government to disabuse a section in its Constitution, which regulates Nigerians to either, be Muslim or Christian, to enable us understand where persons like Gov. T.A Orji belong to.


Gov. Orji’s unforgiving habit portrays him as somebody, who is far from being a Christian, or an Igbo Traditionalist. His behavior is far from holding unto Justice and Equity, which are the symbols of Igbo Traditionalists. This man is something else. So, you don’t have to pay an impious person in his or her own coin.


In “All Men are Brothers: Autobiographical Reflections”, Mahatma Gandhi said: “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” Gandhi, perhaps, was writing about Gov. Orji, as the weak, who can never forgive and you, the strong, who has forgiven him, by proposing to use his state as a place to celebrate your birthday, but he cancelled it.


It is because of this habit of his that our state has remained abysmally shambled in his administration, because in “Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience”, Steve Maraboli wrote that “The truth is, unless you let go, unless you forgive yourself, unless you forgive the situation, unless you realize that the situation is over, you cannot move forward.” And our state under Gov. Orji is not moving forward.


But my happiness is that we have democracy, because I would not have known what Governor Orji could have become, if he were in the military. This is a man who has caused Ndi-Abia immeasurable damage, by chasing out other Igbo brethrens, who are not from Abia State, from the state’s Civil Service and never blinks, upon the pitiably cry and admonishment from different quarters that his action was unbecoming of the Live and Lets Live belief known of Ndigbo. But he wants to live alone. So be it for him. Haaam!


Your Excellency, perhaps, you would like to know what Joel Osteen wrote in “Your Best Life Now: 7 Steps to Living at Your Full Potential”. Whenever I read this portion from Osteen, my mind goes to Gov. Orji, because his behaviours depict what the author wrote thus: “Keep in mind, hurting people often hurt other people as a result of their own pain. If somebody is rude and inconsiderate, you can almost be certain that they have some unresolved issues inside. They have some major problems, anger, resentment, or some heartache they are trying to cope with or overcome. The last thing they need is for you to make matters worse by responding angrily.”


Gov. Orji’s action against you has shown that he does the negative with impunity. If he could do this to you, imagine the fate of the ‘common man’ in the streets of Abia State.


I have always told the world that his government is just different from that of the military only in the civilian garb that Gov. Orji wears. He has further shown that he cannot guaranty the residents of Abia State their constitutionally fundamental rights. He has shown how he denies our people their fundamental human rights and freedom to assemble and associate.


Hinging his crass point for cancelling your birthday on the lies that you want to launch APC in Abia State, he forgot that the party is a legally registered political party that has the right of admittance to any state in the country and has the right to admit any person from any state in the country.


Gov. Orji would not stop to abuse power odorously. He has been a disciple of a ‘do or die’ politics. He sees those that tell him the truth as enemies, but those that tell him lies, as friends. He does not see other Igbo people not from Abia State as one people with the Igbo in his state.


Because of his iniquitous behaviours against Ndi-Abia, he was nearly stoned to death during the festival of the death of Dim Odumegwu Ojukwu, at Aba. After that incident and he escaped unhurt, he resorted to using the military to disgrace the residents, with multiple taxes he always imposes on them to pay. But as providence had it, the same soldiers purportedly beat his son, Chinedu Orji (a.k.a Ikuku) to pulp, in Capital Supermarket, Umuahia, because of his known crudity.


Dear Governor Okorocha, I’m just having headache writing you about your fellow governor called T.A Orji. He thought that he would buy the heart of President Goodluck Jonathan by not allowing you from the APC to celebrate in his state. The same Gov. Orji has not paid Abia poly staffs for 5 months now. I’m not talking about the N3, 000.00 tax his government has imposed on every Keke riders. I am not talking about those of the buildings and co. in our state. The so-called Umuahia Market is for 500,000.00 for each trader. Do you know?


Governor Okorocha, it is my firm belief that you have forgiven Gov. Orji, because he operates like a hypnotized person. I’ve told you of how he is quarreling with everybody he has had political or social differences with. I have told you of how he is imposing levies here and there in our state. I have told you of how he is using the security operatives to intimidate our people, and many more. With all these, I think you have no right not to forgive a man who is behaving like this. Please, forgive. Thanks.


Odimegwu Onwumere is a Poet/Writer, writes from Rivers State. Tel: +2348032552855. Email: apoet_25@yahoo.com