Ngwa and the ‘Hosanna in the Highest’ for Gov. T.A Orji

By Odimegwu Onwumere

Ngwa people, who are much respected in not only Abia State, but to a great extent in Nigeria, are on the verge of losing their respect. Their barefaced endorsement of Governor Theodore Ahamefule Orji, as the singular candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, for the position of Abia Central Senatorial zone come 2015, is the biggest of facades, owing to the charades of governance that characterise the government of their Ochendo.

Any thinking mind would be asking questions of what Gov. Orji has done that earned him such deference. Though, it is quite believable that this position was not collectively taken by the entire individuals of Ngwa, but some foot-soldiers and political jobbers from that extraction, who are seeking for political relevance.


As far as this political dispensation was trepidation, Gov. Orji is doing everything he could do to evade the beam light of security personnel, who may be only waiting for the immunity he enjoys as governor to expire, before they bounce on him to experience impunity.

Much as Abia people are concerned, Ngwa people cannot stand tall and tell the rest of our people that why they endorsed Gov. Orji, was because he appointed some of their children to the seat of power at Umuahia, when a place like Aba is in dire need of government presence and one wonders if Aba, which has been thrown to Ochendo’s abyss, is not part of the Ngwa that is singing ‘Hosanna in the Highest’ for Gov. T.A Orji.

It is sad that Ngwa people do not realise before endorsing the non-performing Gov. Orji that privileges are not meant to be lost, the way the governor has lost his glaring privilege to bickering, tinkering, and brickbats of the opposing views, while some of the persons whom he thinks are good to him are allegedly paid N35M individually every month; and one winks where has the ‘loosening from bondage’ the government dim-wittedly continues to celebrate is.

Perhaps, Ngwa people were hypnotised to endorse Gov. Orji. It is everywhere that he is into this great stream of bad-history and, he can’t get out of it. Let Ngwa people be told that they might have collected money to champion this inglorious endorsement. They should know that money gotten through ill means, do not make a difference and, is not the answer.

What face do Ngwa people have to endorse Gov. Orji, who once made noises that he was going to build monorail in Abia State, which was later understood to be not far from ruse and today, he is making the same noises that his government is going to build an airport.

These kinds of promise and fail are what many in the government of Ochendo have erroneously been referring to as ‘Legacy Projects’. The same way the government told the world that it had put every ground in place to pay bursary to all students from Abia origin starting from October this year, might be the same hoodwinking story it has told the world that all preparations for the obtainment of land and other prerequisite modalities for the airport, have been put in place and are completed.

How many hyped projects by Gov. T. A Orji’s administration have we been deafened that are nowhere to be found in the state, except on the pages of the newspapers? When the government sees that the people are asking questions, you see the governor resort to pleading to Abia people to have patience and faith in his administration. The people have been told of how Gov. Orji was junketing around the world in the pretense that he was luring investors to the state, when if those journeys were looked into properly, it might be money that the governor was pushing out from the country.

Conceivably, Ngwa people endorsed Gov. Orji, so that he could situate the proposed airport in their area. But come to think of it, Ngwa people and Gov. Orji ought to have known that endorsing the governor and the governor making noise of building an airport is not the pressing need of the people of Abia State. It is sad that Gov. Orji might have made Ngwa people not to think straight or champion for causes that can leverage the shambled status of Abia State, order than the tale of endorsing him for Abia Central Senatorial zone come 2015.

How can a people without motorable roads are thinking about an airport to fly from, even though that not only Abians will be using the mirage airport. Ngwa people should be asking Gov. T.A Orji, who is the owner of these companies and not endorsement: (1) NGAME NIG. LTD is allegedly (working for the wife); (2) GLANO CONSTRUCTION is allegedly (owned by his brother in law); (3) CIREO NIG. LTD is allegedly (owned by his in law); (4) BENICOUX NIG. LTD, allegedly, bought Empire Hotel as BENIS HOTELS and allegedly (siphoning for Governor and Son- ikuku); (5) OKEY TECHNICAL LTD is allegedly (milking ASEPA for Orji’s Son, Ikuku); (6) SPRING INVEST AND PROPERTY CO. LTD, is allegedly furnished the Governor’s office with 56 million naira; (7) CHARBEL LTD, is allegedly (Lebanese constructing the conference centre and working for the Son, Ikuku); (cool NEW IDEA, is allegedly (the master agent of siphoning); and (9) SEAMARK ELECT. CO. LTD is allegedly (Son’s).

Until now, our state is never in bondage.

Odimegwu Onwumere, a Poet/Writer, writes from Rivers State.

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Orji Kalu and the G-7 Governors

By Odimegwu Onwumere

Reconciliation of differences is one thing that Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu, who was a former governor of Abia State, is known for. Without mentioning names, he has reconciled the low and mighty in and outside the shores of Nigeria. Exactly one year, this dude offered in November 2012, to settle the Federal Government, FG, and the spinelessness Boko Haram, when many who were mentioned in the mediation-list turned down the offer, for frivolous excuses. But Kalu said no, he must emancipate all in the society, so that nobody or group would be thinking unitarily, because he believes in the realization of universality.

With the crisis in the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, and the defection of five governors from the fold to the All Progressive Congress, APC, reminds one of an Igbo adage: When a hero is killed in his village war, he shall come to be remembered when outsiders invade the village. The defection of the five governors makes one to remember the admonishment by Dr. Kalu, urging the leading leaders of PDP to resolve the crisis. He saw the former VP Atiku Abubakar and Dr. Bamanga Tukur as seasoned politicians, who had what it takes to resolve the political differences, before things fell apart.


While Kalu’s advise was widely respected and published in many media platforms, yet, the politicians and PDP he advised did not toe the line of Nelson Mandela, whom Desmond Tutu was credited to as saying: Before Nelson Mandela was arrested in 1962, he was an angry, relatively young man. He founded the ANC’s military wing. When he was released, he surprised everyone because he was talking about reconciliation and forgiveness and not about revenge.

Let’s not say that Kalu has semblance of Mandela, but they share things in common which are, reconciliation and forgiveness and not about revenge. Kalu believes in the philosophy of Roy Barnes: We are all one – or at least we should be – and it is our job, our duty, and our great challenge to fight the voices of division and seek the salve of reconciliation.

But this is not the mindset of an unrefined Nigerian politician, who sees Reconciliation as something that does not require changes of heart and spirit, but expulsion of members from political parties, backbiting, brickbats, tinkering, bickering, sorcery and what negative agenda have they.

This is why the country has not recorded meaningfully, socially and economically, as in change. Kalu would say that for the country to move on, there should be symbolic practical action to achieve greater goals and not about animosities and immensely passion for hatred, which have characterised the way things are done in this clime.

There is a matrix, which Kalu always reminds people. It is the statement that a house divided against itself will, obviously, not stand. Appealing to the leaders of the PDP, Kalu had wept that it’s not in the interest – both as founders and joiners of the PDP – to bring down the house they laboured very hard to build. But, what has come over the PDP today? The centre can no longer hold and it is no longer at ease. However, Stefan Zweig had made us to understand that in history, the moments during which reason and reconciliation prevail are short and fleeting.

What has befall the PDP reminds one of the comment by Barbara Boxer, which suggests: Since 1980, we’ve used reconciliation 22 times, and out of those times, Republicans used it 16 times. So, earth to my Republican friends, you can have your option but you cannot change these facts. They’re in the Congressional Record.

Notwithstanding, Kalu should not stop in his effort to reconciling aggrieved persons or groups. We know him as a man who would always forgive those who wronged him even before the persons would come to plead for forgiveness or leniency.  He should make the powers that are to see that the overall relations between the political parties in the country should develop in favour of the country and not for persons, because of national reconciliation, unity and reunification.

Dr. Kalu has told the world that reconciliation without justice is however mumbo-jumbo. This is why many crises and developments in the country have lingered. An example is the injustice allegedly done to the subsidy fund. Ihe ojuo in Igbo means, bad thing in English. So, President Goodluck Jonathan made us to SUFFER subsidy removal only for the money (N634 billion Kerosene subsidy) to be fingered is missing. Anyway, are the banks also missing? Ihe ojuo, ajoka!  Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu has told the country that the reformation the citizens should be praying for is not the reformation at any cost, but reformation based on principle and on justice.

Odimegwu Onwumere, a Poet/Writer, writes from Rivers State.

Tel: +2348057778358


Gov. Amaechi and the Benefits In APC

By Odimegwu Onwumere


Gov. Chibuike Amaechi of Rivers State is not a man who renounces his decision after he must have consulted widely and believed in a cause. This is what came to mind on November 26, when news filtered into town that he has genuflected to the All Progressive Congress, APC, with four other governors, out of seven, who once held the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, on its jugular, calling the shots that left what’s known as the mainstream PDP, going on its knees with President Goodluck Jonathan calling meeting upon meeting, to resolve the crisis in the party that has dragged five governors out of the G-7, pitching tent with the APC.

amaechi and jonathan

There is no better way to describe the decision Amaechi took order than it’s splendid, because no man continues to stay in his village, when the kinsmen are riotous or are showing traits of inhumanity to the person. The merger is a good development. Such straightens democracy. It goes a long way to expose the fact that in a land where everybody thinks alike, it then means that nobody is thinking in that village. Gov. Amaechi and his crew seem to be the only persons, who thought in the PDP and decided to leave the party for what they termed numerous injustice and undemocratic tendencies that charaterised the PDP they were once leading members.


No matter how the PDP prides and tell Nigerians and by extension the world, that these persons who left the party do not hinder the progress of the party, it is making flagrant mendacity and covering its face in humiliation. The truth of the matter is that the merger has shown how loose in crisis resolution that the PDP was. In the inner mind of the PDP, it would be regretting why it was not able to resolve the crisis that compelled its once staunch members to look at the door and moved out. In earnest, it’s not Amaechi and his associates who were intimidated and humiliated, but the image of the PDP and Presidency, which have come to public probe of how transparent they are.


This merger is holy and has whittled the boastful nature of the PDP, boasting that it’s the largest party in the world. What the PDP forgot was that a political party is not measured by the size of its edifice, but by the size of its number. Without mincing words, the pull out of these persons have reduced the number of the PDP members and has increased the number of the APC members. The movement of Amaechi from PDP to APC is a progressive one. It’s also sacrosanct that he would be moving to his new found party with all the people that are loyal to him in Rivers State. He is the governor of the state. He has structures on ground.


Take Anambra for example; during the period Dr. Chris Ngige was governor and there was crisis in the PDP’s fold in that state and power later went to the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) through the court, the PDP has never regained its mud-slung leg in that state, to enable it stand. Conversely, main looking at, APC is not an opposition political party given the fact that its members are intact. It is the PDP which is still struggling with leadership qualifications that should be seen as the opposition. It does not matter whether a party is not ruling a country to be delisted as an opposition party. PDP cannot be said to be the leading party when it is opposing its members. Mark this word: Many are yet to pull out of the PDP. Amaechi and his group move is just a test tube.


Although, this writer is not a member of any political party, his interest is purely on politics. It behooves all who calculate political dictates very well to understand that the APC is heading to victory. This is a party which at registration saw yank of wars. It was when the initiative to merge the major four opposition political parties in the country was hatched in February 6 3013, by some political bigwigs in the country to wrestle power from the ruling PDP, which many has seen the later as a sinking ship. Like Amaechi, it was not easy for the APC to sojourn to this day; because of setbacks it had faced following some groups that had said the acronym, APC, was their copyrights.


It could be recalled that in March 2013, two associations – African Peoples Congress and All Patriotic Citizens – also applied for INEC registration. These groups adopted APC as an ellipsis as well. Observers decried this as the handiwork of the PDP. All the attempts orchestrated against the APC nearly forced it in April 2013, to change the name to the All Progressive Congress of Nigeria, APCN. This was to avoid further impediments. Many people and organizations called on Nigerians to embrace this neo-political party, according to periodicals in the country, before it was registered by the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, at the end of July, no matter all that pressure.


One such group that did not hide its voice for this clarion calls was a socio-political Port Harcourt-based group known as Pilot Group, and called same. The group grumbled-about the need residents of Rivers State should embrace APC. This party was described by the group as a new hope for democrats in the country to realize their political aspirations without dictates of any sorts from those who see and carry themselves as demi-gods in politics, but especially, in the PDP.


No blame for Amaechi! The bane of the country’s politics is just the imposition of candidates against the wish of the people. In this philosophy, the Pilot Group said that there was no form of imposition in the APC platform. Against the backdrop that the party is Yoruba/Hausa political party, the Pilot Group saw that as an assertion of political propagandists in the country who do not mean well for the APC. The Pilot Group further said that statistics show that Ndigbo even populate the party; knowing that anything that Ndigbo are in forefront for, there is gain in it.


It’s considered that such positions as the Deputy National Chairman, South; National Woman Leader; National Organising Secretary, Deputy National Chairman, South; Welfare Officer, amongst others, are from the Igbo extraction. Hinging its point on the need for the residents of Rivers State to embrace the APC, the Pilot Group said that this is a party that would rescue the country from all the political needs that people were unable to attain under the PDP; it is a party that would bring hope to the hopeless and make the hopeless to have hope.


The need to turn the politics of the country into a true democracy is the hunger of the Pilot Group, which in its manifesto, is out to present Nigerians with a new lease of politics and democracy that is free from corruption, brickbats and sundry issues that should not be obtainable in a democracy. The group pleaded that every Rivers residents should embrace and join APC. In its supplementary comments, the group said that APC is not a mere gang of betrayers that call themselves politicians. The Tuesday 9 July, where the Director, Department of Political Party Registration and Monitoring, INEC, Ibrahim Shittu, led a team on verification visit to the office of the All Progressive Change, APC, in Abuja, is one feat that Pilot Group was cheerful about.


On that visit, the Interim National Chairman of APC, Chief Bisi Akande, said its members had demonstrated to INEC that they continued living as gentlemen with suitable accommodation. Pilot Group vowed that it would make sure that Rivers residents belong to this party that has been classified as one, full of gentlemen and women and, not in any other, where rancour is supreme. It said that this is the hope the APC has given to the INEC that geared the electoral commission to give a nod to its registration, with many conventions completed by all the fractions of the merging political parties, with various joint applications forwarded to the commission for registration.


Gov. Amaechi and his fellow governors who defected, have to thank the forerunners of the formation of the APC, who have held and maintained unequivocal maturity since the February 6 2013, in making sure that there is an alliance of Nigeria’s four biggest opposition parties in the names of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN); the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC); the All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP) and partly, All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA).  It would not have been easy for Gov. Amaechi and his men, if not for the formation of APC.


Odimegwu Onwumere, a Poet/Writer, writes from Rivers State.

Tel: +2348057778358


Igbo Presidency: Orji Uzor Kalu’s love for Ndigbo and the Unity of Nigeria (3)

By Odimegwu Onwumere


Insisting that the Igbo will not settle for anything less than the president in 2015, in September 2012, Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu stressed that it’s the turn of Ndigbo to produce the country’s president.


Kalu’s love for Ndigbo drove him to the Prof. David Ijalaiye Annual Lecture tagged, ‘Leadership: Key factor to a Better Nigeria’, at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, Osun State. This is the place that he lavished his known love for Ndigbo.


Kalu calls for a free and fair election in Nigeria, but especially in 2015. He makes it succinctly that the period of mounting police and army officers at polling centres during election by the authorities to intimidate perceived rivals have gone.


He is of the philosophy that Ndigbo and by extension Nigerians at large, are wiser today; they are prepared to take the bull by the horn in making sure that leaders of their choice are duly elected and not, selected by the powers that feel they are.


Such nobly objective of kalu is commendable as he is speaking up for the betterment of the Igbo, unlike many who are speaking down on the Igbo for their self-seeking purposes.


Kalu has always addressed the problem of Ndigbo in Nigeria without fear, not minding any political establishments that are suppressing Ndigbo. His antics are unforgettable with many splendid antecedents to his credit.


Contrary to critics, Kalu is fighting for Ndigbo’s cause to obliterate their political enslavement. He asks Ndigbo to be alert and watchful though, and that all hands must be on deck as they are optimistically moving forward.


All the jobs he does for Ndigbo are grandly meticulous and big step in the right direction. Kalu continues to educate his people that they must be diplomatic and slight, while fighting for their political independence.


He believes that this diplomacy he implores Ndigbo about, will definitely bring the eyes of the international community on the plight that the Igbo are fighting for. His exemplary love for Ndigbo pushes him with a lot of diplomacy in all approach and engagements.


Political rivals think that Kalu does not understand anything other than money, but here is a man who is pushing Ndigbo forward from their back pew to the front political seat and is recording events as they unfold, without turning the table against anybody or group.


Nigerians know it and are saying that Kalu is not a cheap meat that can be inexpensively ingested on Igbo case. He is not afraid of the truth and don’t treat who wants to suppress truth with the kid’s glove.


To the fascists, they believe that Kalu’s diplomacy without guns will not make a difference for Ndigbo. But he is too big for the nuisance. Many Igbo people doff their caps for Kalu on this, for his ingenuity and for his always thought out plan for Ndigbo.


Kalu is a man who knows where to go with the Igbo’s political struggle, because he does not want his people to be permanently destroyed as a people in Nigeria. Nigerians love Njiko Ndigbo, since it was established, which is the only organization on whose platform that Kalu was invited  to the British House of commons to speak on Igbo struggle for the first time in history.


Many Igbo are supporting this no-less organization, because of the level it is achieving things for Ndigbo within the short period it was established, opening enough room for contrary views in the public space to orate and have different takes on issues that bother on the Igbo cause.


Kalu’s love-gong for Igbo people to produce president of Nigeria in the 2015 elections is clanging. The reverberation is deafening the ears than any other gong clanging contrarily. The echo of the gong for this assignment is heard from Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu.


He is restating the need the Igbo should produce the next president of this country. His tireless campaign for this reason illustrates that there could be something going on within the powers that are, against the Igbo in the forthcoming elections. And with a persona like Kalu, who knows Nigeria and the inner-circle too well, any attempt to shortchange the Igbo from actualization this, may not hold any water.


Is it not an insult that Nigeria is still keeping the Igbo to be playing the 3rd fiddle forty-two years after the civil war? Against this influence, Kalu believes that the Nigeria/Biafra civil war has not come to an appropriate end till he sees the Igbo become a noteworthy president in Nigeria; not any other time, but in 2015.


This is coming on the hills when some Nigerian Jacobic quarters are saying that the Igbo are not organized; hence they cannot produce the next president. On the contrary, Kalu has been asking whether other tribes that have produced president had two heads. On the other hand, he wants the maximum support from other tribes to make the Igbo president of this country.


Conceivably, it’s because the Igbo have not produced the president of this country significantly that has led to majority of the roads in any areas the Igbo have as their homes not tarred resulting to the dampening of the eco/socio lives of the Igbo. Social infrastructure in Igbo-land is a story for another day.


Politics in the area has been the dictates of Abuja, whereby such names as “Abuja politicians” and “home base politicians” are heard, as if politics has become a football club, where names like ‘international players’ and ‘home base’ are heard.


And Kalu didn’t mince words when he said: “It has also been shown that those who boot-lick presidents in Nigeria since independence never do well; they don’t even tar the roads, they don’t give free education, they do nothing to salvage their states because they believed the president is their boss; if the president asks them to go and put their house on fire they will go and do it, which I feel is not in consonance with democratic concept.”


The above could be the reason elections have been rigged in this country, because the powers that are in Abuja control the Army, Police, Navy, just the Force, and are ready to make or mar, for anything they gun to get. They are ready to give backup to any “Abuja politician” to defeat any “home base” in an election.


Nigerians once saw this played in a South-East state where a sitting governor was molested and latter was abducted in a broad daylight and the powers that were in Abuja gave maximum support to the ‘home base’ political gangsters, who were shamelessly parading themselves as godfathers and godmothers of the state’s politics, leading to a notable Igbo son from the state rejecting a National Honour that was awarded to him, even a second time.


Have Ndigbo not been manipulated enough in this country? How long shall the powers that are continue to divide Ndigbo against theirselves? Kalu is squabbling today that this habit and sundry are advised against in the future elections. He stepped down from contesting in the 2011 presidential elections he had shown full blown interest in, when it was obvious that majority of the Igbo personalities and organizations had shown interest to support President Goodluck Jonathan, an Ijaw-man, who was murmured, had an intention for one term and later, it would be the turn of the Igbo.


But the darling of power seems has entered Jonathan’s marrow and the same murmurings, are making the rounds today that he has the interest to be president beyond 2015. Ndigbo from all walks of life, no matter their residences, gave President Goodluck Jonathan their maximum support in the 2011 elections, and it is expected that the president will in turn, give them his support to be president in 2015. So, was Kalu right when he said that it would be an insult to the Igbo for anybody to feel that they cannot produce president in 2015?


It is obvious that Kalu is fighting for the unity of this country against his own businesses and family for too long. He has always come out openly to call injustice by its name when others are clamouring for the debris they will get from the government. Somebody may be thinking that why Kalu is fighting for the Igbo to produce the next president is because he wants to be president. This is far from being the truth.


Kalu has only declared that injustices that are being meted out to Ndigbo since the colonial rule to date can only come to an end, when the Igbo becomes the president of this country. This is the reason Nigerians should rally round Kalu in making sure that this purpose is actualized, because injustice is not monopolistic.


Who knows whose turn this injustice will turn to by tomorrow, if it is not nipped in the bud today?  One thing with Kalu is that he has a humane heart. Those who have such a heart know that he has come out openly in recent times and said that Nigerians will get it right this time even if they could have made some mistakes in the past. What do people know as an apology if not this? Or do certain persons want when he comes and prostrate? In earnest, he has pleaded for the peace and unity of Nigeria.


Kalu’s attitude to saying that things will be right this time shows the Igbo adage that says, “Peace is for the elder to initiate”. And Kalu is suing for peace which should not be misconstrued for cowardice. No. He is doing this because of his love for this country. This is evident when majority of Ndigbo said that Kalu is a man of peace and will lead them more than the late Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu did. And the late Ojukwu and Kalu have something in common – fearless and outspoken. Hence, Kalu is diplomatic and is much relevant in the Nigeria’s politics than certain bunch of political jobbers that spread across Nigeria.


From observations on Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu’s movement that the Igbo should produce the next president of Nigeria, he is not saying that the person must come from his village in Igbere. No. So, it is important that those asking about the state the Igbo president will come from, to put down the lid of their mouths. Such statement is divisiveness than it is a mere question. This is because the Igbo are Igbo no matter their different geographical enclaves. The State does not really matter; after all, States are created to divide the people the more. For example, the present day Rivers State was created in 1967, at the pick of the Nigeria/Biafra war.


Rivers State was created out of the old Eastern Region controlled by Biafra in order to weaken the strength of the young republic in that case. Those who clamoured for the Rivers State creation, on seeing the actualisation, started to sing a discordant song from that, which they initially were across the world singing alongside with their Biafran brethrens, and things fell apart. This is from where Nigerians of today learnt to say that they are from this state or the other state, without holding renowned grip to their aborigines.


Some people feel that they are save when they say they are from Anambra State, Imo State or the other, than when they say they are from Igbo. Just as was experienced among the people that were carved into the then Rivers State; they habitually say that they were from Rivers State, and not from Biafra, particularly anytime they were confronted by the then belligerent Nigerian Forces. Hooey!


Kalu is one man who has stood a tested reputation by saying that he is a Nigerian when others were grabbing ethnicity, and this belief cost him a lot during his eight-year rule, as governor of Abia State, under the presidency of the Owu generalissimo, called Olusegun Obasanjo, who is Yoruba.


People must learn to respect their heroes. Kalu did not move against the Third Term agenda of Obasanjo, because he’s Igbo; but because he’s a Nigerian, who meant well for the wellbeing of all Nigerians. Thus, why should the proponents of the Third Term that Kalu was in the forefront against now lengthening it against the Igbo from becoming the next president of this country? This is the bane!


And, Kalu, from his bravado is not pleased with the Agenda that the Igbo will not be president in 2015. This is not a tribal sentiment! And if there is any sentiment in Nigeria, it is not from the Igbo, but from those who have made it their duty that the Igbo will not produce the president of this country.


Anybody who does not see that Kalu is making a point is really making a mistake. He had enlightened, “We have enough as a country to feed our 200 million people; we have enough in human and material resources to make our roads better. People are not being given what they bargained for because they are not genuinely elected; these results are written, supported by the army and the police, these people are shameless. They will never do it again. It is going to be one man, one vote and no army man will carry any ballot box again in Igboland or in Nigeria, we will not accept that. It will not happen again. Even if he is general to heaven, we will fight him and fight his whole family. If they do what is unconstitutional, we will repeat what will be unconstitutional too because that is the only way we are going to check this rubbish.”


This is a strict statement. Come to think of it. This is a country where many regarded as leaders are not thinking properly for the future. The only crowns they wear are poor performance and attacks on critics.


Some leaders in this country are just being lucre. Kalu is today asking the Igbo to learn from the past. Majority of the people are supporting Kalu for this rightful cause, because they could not see any magic those who come from other tribes have done as president, hence the Igbo should be given a chance, and also the foreign powers should leave Nigeria alone. Let Nigeria have faith in the Igbo, who have ever shown that they have confidence in themselves and always, have supported the cause of people from other tribes.


For example, Kalu’s corporations are for-the-most-part manned by people from other tribes. This does not mean that he hates the people of his tribe. Rather, he always wants to lead by example that the Igbo are not haters of people from other tribes.


Conversely, Kalu should let the past be in the past, and continue with the crusade for the actualization of the Igbo presidency in the 2015 general elections. Every Nigerian should give him the maximum support that this crusade requires and deserves. This is the time the Igbo should be waiting for. No matter the party differences, all Nigerians should come together, and think about how the Igbo have been much humiliated in this country.


Other tribes have achieved much leaving the Igbo to their industrious fate. Let the Igbo comeback to their senses and respect Kalu. He is speaking up for Nigeria. Without people like him, the actualization of this will be a tall dream. He is not a man that can be bought with money. His scuttle with the Third Term agenda is an epitome of what many have been talking about: when some men sold out, he remained unbendable.


Odimegwu Onwumere, a Poet/Writer, writes from Rivers State.

Tel: +2348057778358


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A REVIEW by Nkong Kima, BA (Hons), MA in English, University of Yaounde 1 (Cameroon): In an ongoing distorted world, it is rather hard to qualify which values are tolerable to human civility and which are not since what was formerly regarded sacrilegious has eventually found accommodation in our transformed society. The argument is centred on three distinct human personalities: the conservatives, the moderates and the fanatics. These three constitute the entire entity of humanity. While the conservatives think that the “old world” should be the lone sanctioned behaviour for mankind, the fanatics think otherwise. The moderates are “lost” midway and go by any order depending on the prevailing circumstances. What then is the acceptable norm?

The Disgrace of Marriage

Odimegwu Onwumere would like to identify himself with the first category, the conservatives. Onwumere is against any negative influence on the marriage institution. He frowns at the inception of the colonial hegemony in Africa which incidentally altered the marital institution of this sacred “Dark Continent”. In a rather confused attempt by the society to institutionalise the “new order”, he stands opposed to anything that contradicts the “old ideology”. Onwumere may be perceived by some readers as a fanatic of the “old order”.

But whatever the perception, it is important to note that the marriage institution remains the only institution which protects and propagates human values. If this institution is destroyed, our society is doomed as the current wave of crimes and destruction of lives and property would be a child’s play if the assault on the marriage institution and consequent erosion of our values are not halted forthwith.

The sound and witty presentation of facts, the intellectual urge accredited to them and the rare ingredient of wisdom inherent in “The Disgrace of Marriage” are the reasons why every beholder should count him or herself blessed to bump into this book or other publications of Onwumere.

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Odimegwu Onwumere is shortlisted for the NUHA Foundation blogging prizes

In the adult category of the ‘Nurturing Human Activity’ with the acronym (NUHA) blogging prizes, your favourite Poet/Writer/reporter on national and international issues, Odimegwu Onwumere has been among the seven writers shortlisted from the over forty five entrants for the this year’s adult category of NUHA blogging prizes competition.

This was contained in a press release made available by the editor of NUHA, Rumi Hamza by 2:33 PM, Tuesday 19th November 2013.

Part of the release reads: “We wanted to thank you for your participation in the NUHA Blogging Prizes, and thank all of your friends and family members who have also participated through voting, tweeting and commenting on our website and on Facebook.  We have thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts and exchanges, and we hope that you will continue to be involved in the NUHA Blogging Prizes next year. The time has now come to announce this year’s shortlist. (They are on):

“Putting together this year’s shortlists, taking into account the votes, the debate generated and the intrinsic quality of your articles, has been a difficult task that has involved nearly a dozen volunteers.  In fact, we ended up shortlisting seven articles in the Adult category, rather than the six we had planned initially. This bears testimony to the strength and value of your ideas, and we hope that you will continue to engage with these questions of education and development,” said the editor, NUHA.

Onwumere who is full of joy to have thus come this far in the competition, said: “I want to thank all the persons who took time out of their busy schedule to read, vote and comment on my article. I hope to make it as one of the winners by December 10, when Hamza said the Winners of the Youth and Adult Prizes and of the Adult Runner-up Prize will be announced.


Onwumere’s essay was titled, “If there was one thing I could change to improve education in my country”. The article could be found following this link:

Federal Government cheating States with Deregulation

By Odimegwu Onwumere

The way the Federal Government, FG, is selling all that we read as infants in school known as Public Corporations, is alarming. Instead of directly accepting Confederalism, the FG is indirectly being treacherous with deregulation.

It won’t continue to answer a Federal Government, when it has invariably become a Confederation. The irony is that Confederalism, which is supposed to be enjoyed by States, is now the benefit of some local and international companies that are buying up Power Sector, Telephony, Refineries in Nigeria. Just name them.

Nigeria may not get it right with a perfidious system. Somebody would say that change is one thing that remains permanent. Yes, but only when it is positive and does not habour underhanded tendencies, such as the country is experiencing through deregulation.

Circuitously, deregulation is usurpation of the rights States are supposed to enjoy, if the FG had gone direct to constituting a Confederation system, instead of this disloyal to democracy christened deregulation.

Abuja, being the seat of power in Nigeria, wants to remain vibrant as ever and does not want to decentralise power to the gains of States. It does not want to be quite weak. But if we look at it properly with the way it is selling everything that was known of Nigeria, it is becoming weak. Yet, it continued to boast of federalism: a system of government where the central government can be relatively stronger.

A contiguous look at this, the FG has metamorphosed from Federalism to Confederalism; the latter being a system of government where the central government is always quite weak. But instead of the States given this power to control, for the weakness of the central power, the FG is re-channeling that power to individuals and companies, in the shamefaced system it calls deregulation.

Why the FG should be feeling-guilty of itself is that the United Nations, UN, which it is a member state, has not sold its powers to individuals or companies to manage as wont in Nigeria, but has leaned on the powers member countries supply to it. This is a typical confederation, not deregulation, as the Nigerian government is bent on practicing, in the name of democracy or, is it reformation.


We may agree that the FG has magnanimous power to boast about and is modeling governance through the United States. But the US spells out powers and operates on the powers that are for the states and those that of the central government, without any iota of infringement, as has become the case in Nigeria, where Aso Rock is even in-charge of the issuance of drivers license and most times, does not refer to the Constitution before it takes action.

In India, where Federalism is also a concept, power of government is divided between a central government and several regional governments. But by the way the central government carries itself here; one may mistake it that Nigeria is operating a unitary system of government, opposite of federal system.

It is not in error if one has to think in this direction, because powers that are supposed to be reserved to the state governments are the enjoyment of those people and companies buying up everything Federal Government and state governments have.

In a true federal system, things are rarely done this way, even though that the central government has power over the citizenry. What this power has turned out to become is the show of might by the FG that it has the unilateral power to change division of power, which countries like US and India that practice true federalism, cannot even nurse in their minds.

People could say that Confederalism is a practice of government known between countries; but in earnest, it should be applicable to Nigeria, because Nigeria is not a nation, but a country with subordination of nations. It behooves Nigeria, therefore, to coordinate her policies within the whims and caprices of the central power and state governments, without bringing in individual or companies on top of the Constitution.

Much as every country wants to grow its economy, there should be competences to common institutions, and not allowing direct powers to the individuals and companies that are buying all the FG owned companies, thereby externalising power which the States were better off to have been the beneficiary.  This is not a better way to go about Decentralism and Self-Sustainability in a country.

Odimegwu Onwumere, a Poet/Writer, writes from Rivers State.

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