The spiritual exercise of sex

If you know the way to meditate
you would have a good sex
with deep concentration.

(Photo: culled from the internet)
Men who come quick
and blame their body chemistry
are like clerics who jabber in prayers
without deep concentration.

Like advancement in spiritual matters
sex is like a person passing from kindergarten
to tertiary institution.

If you put in your best in school
you will have a good result;
likewise if you have advanced
in sexual matters as a spiritual exercise
you can have sexual intercourse
without producing semen –
only when you want to.

Did you ask how possible that could be?

Everything about the world
is training the mind.

The mind is everything.

As there are casual prayers
so there are casual sex
which does not produce the desired result:
Deep concentration.

You may be highly experienced in sex matters
but not experienced that it is a spiritual exercise.

You can pray on it, meditate on it
but it requires two to agree in its spirituality
rather than in experiencing orgasm
that is for the satisfaction of the flesh.

Such that there is sexual climax,
so there is spiritual climax in sex
only oracles like the poet has found out
and will continue to find out.

(c) October 24 2015 Odimegwu Onwumere


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