A snake appeared while I was praying

By Odimegwu Onwumere

For some days now, I’ve added powerful ways of making my supplications to my Chi (Infinite Force in Igbo). I have found out that anytime I engage in serious supplications, the more mindfully happy and self fulfilled I become.

I’ve totally expunged fears of any kind from my mind. Even when it seemed that my finances are dwindling, I feel fulfilled. Since I started engaging in this spiritual atonement of self, I’ve noticed that my dreams are no longer malarial; they come true.

This morning around 7.30 to 8.00 am on Feb 25 2016, while on such excruciating supplications, I heard a hiss. I did not know from where it came. I thought that it was the usual hiss that a lizard-like animal often found in rooms make.

In my part of Igbo, the lizard-like animal is called ‘ncheke’. I was disappointed when I finished my practice of supplications and looked out from the window and found it was a snake on the trees I used as the fence of the building.

I live with nature, in the village-side of Port Harcourt. I was tensed-up when I saw the snake. (The snake is Eke Ikputu). With the fears imposed in my sub-consciousness by my ‘Christian faith’ about snake, I rushed for the insecticide and sprayed. The snake looked at me and gradually moved away.

When the snake left, I went back to supplications in order to unravel the mystery behind the snake – if there was any.

While my ‘Christian faith’ had told me very bad things about snake, I saw while on transit in my supplications that snake spirit animal is a Life Force.

I was told that in many cultures, due to snake’s prehistoric energy, it is revered. I was told that the presence of snake in one’s life means that the person is about to experience healing opportunities, novel change, crucial transitions, and a well hyped energy manifesting. I was told that snake is a spirit animal that can bestow supervision about life changes and transitions. I was told that snake can manifest in many ways be it emotional, physical, or spiritual stratum. I was told that with the presence of the snake I should be very careful of how I use my energy as they transmit to the earth and nature.

Now I’m doing my best to increase my energetic regularity, because how we hold unto our spiritual vibration might be what has been holding many of us down or up. I’m doing much for further awakening. I’m growing and doing everything positive to promote my growth. I now know that my support to move forward is near, not farfetched. I’m happy that I’m spiritually happy! Lord Ikenga.


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