How A Black Lady Was Forced To Be Using Bleaching Cream

BEYOND RELIGION AND CULTURE: The aesthetic beauty, scintillating black, alluring lady told me something that has kept me thinking since yesterday (July 11 2017): She said that her brother’s wife walked up to her and advised her to be using cream, make-up and many other things. In the brother’s wife words – so that she would appear charming in the streets. This lady is not a dullard or an adolescent to say. She’s above 25 and about rounding off her PhD programme. This is to say that she is not a kid that her brother’s wife, who was supposed to mind her business, would walk up to, to poison her heart. This lady is homely and comely and appears dignified, always on corporate attire and very neat. She is reserved and likes being herself. She does not join the band wagon where majority of the commuters are going crackers. This does not mean that she is a recluse or an introvert. She is humble and dresses like one. What she has read in books has affected her life positively, unlike some ladies would appear in the streets crazily bad-mannered in the name of fashion. Since the day the lady told me of the discourse, I concluded that the brother’s wife was out to demean the lady’s value, ruin her image, make her pursue dreams that were not part of her, disgrace her imagination, slander her abilities and misdirect her perception about life. For me, her brother’s wife was a negative person and the lady ought to diplomatically avoid her. I advise ladies and men to save their skins from the caustic acids they apply in the name of using cream. So, for me, the lady’s brother’s wife was a bad person, corrosive, destroyer, detractor, evil, using evil-words, and a gossip… I would advise the lady to protect her good image from the eyes of negative spectators like the brother’s wife who had been looking at the lady’s good look with hideous monstrous eyes. She wanted to destroy the lady’s confident qualities.  There is no better way to describe a person with chemical infested tongues than the brother’s wife. Beware!

― Odimegwu Onwumere is a Poet, Writer and Media Consultant based in Rivers State.


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