Are You Using True Light or False Light?

BEYOND RELIGION AND CULTURE: There is True Light and there is False Light. True Light is good while False Light is dangerous. You may not understand what I’ve written here if you are not who I AM. Many are on the False Light, on the wrong plane, and they pursue courses that soothe their ego, embellishing their ego with something that ignites the global trauma. Many people are modern than they look old, while few are ancient than they look young and are in the modern world. From today, start to cultivate, develop, and awaken, yourself no matter the terms, tradition or means you use. Do not forget to recite your mantras, do your meditation and prayer, rendering karmic selfless services and others. Your Chi (Energy or Holy Spirit) functions in tandem with the force of nature. The things of the spirit are not fanciful ideas. When we satisfy the causes, effects will result. And causes cannot be satisfied or effects result completely. This is the reason we must continue to do good and always hope that tommorrow will be better. The development of self in affinity with the cosmic laws leads to the True Light.
-Odimegwu Onwumere is a Poet, Writer and Media Consultant.