Her Pregnancy Is A Disappointment

By Odimegwu Onwumere

Some years ago, Nkechi was everything about me. Although, there was no conjugal affair.

She was the bomb in beauty but had repelling attitude. Ndigbo would say that attitude is the beauty of a woman, but this was not applicable to Nkechi.

I begged her to calm down, to no avail. She would be in Calabar for two weeks, next would be Abuja. She was junketing round the country.

I knew what she was into but was still mad, bent to marry her. Her expectations were to wed at Hotel Presidential, PH, and she expected great musicians even Tu-pac to sing for her at her wedding. She ranked herself above the board even when her father’s name was nothing. Anytime I came close to her, “You are not showing working,” she would blatantly tell me.

I endured this beautiful lady hoping that she would change someday, yet the expected change was elusive. Her Ogbanje was second to none and she would not listen to me, not even the neighbours around who always talked to her that I had suffered in her hands and she should change.

She threw tantrums at me at will simple because I was not showing “working”. I was not financially rich. But I was not a pauper, besides my precious dad was not Dangote but we never lacked or begged food.

I incessantly told her what her problem was but she would not listen because she was a member of the Redeem whatever. A Christian organisation.

She wanted me to be a member but I could not given her attitude that didn’t speak of Christ. She mistook being a religionist for moralist/spiritualist. A lot of things happened and my close friends thought Nkechi was using some spell to control me. I was laughing! Who can do this?

It was her beauty that I was unable to find in any woman then that was the “spell” that controlled me. Conversely, to cut a long story short, Nkechi took in from the blues. When I heard of this and went to ask her, “The man responsible for the pregnancy is in Malaysia,” she barefacedly told me. Did you hear Malaysia?

Nkechi disappointed her loved ones who expected much when she would marry. Now, many ladies today are like Nkechi. They have the beauty but repelling attitudes towards men who show interest in them. Like Nkechi, they would later be fighting to marry, when the spirit controlling them in their hay days must have left, which they had thought was normal.

Their senses would come back to them when this spirit must have disgraced and abandon them. This is rampant among our ladies today and they erroneously presume they are exhibiting wiseness or being civilised or mmepe anya.

Know thyself. I will write again, later.

Odimegwu Onwumere is a Poet, Writer and Media Consultant based in Port Harcourt.


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