My Birthday With Buhari Struggling To Define Governance

Such a year with Major General Muhammadu Buhari struggling to define governance nearly four years in govt.

Pix: Odimegwu Onwumere; a multiple awards-winning journalist

Within this period, Nigerians have baked ashes for bread, drank tears for tea. The only thing that keeps majority moving is Faith or Hope. Many are throttling with blind Faith or Hope.

However, I understood that man moves in two directions: Upwards or Downwards. It all depends on choice. Thinking is an individual thing. Therefore, we must move upwards without Buhari and leave him downwards. He is a Discourager.

But my Chi is not a Discourager, as s/he has done it for me by adding another year in my life. My happiness today is that within these years I have stayed on earth, I have seen the bandage of lies in all nooks and crannies falling and Seekers having a field day with conviction, not indoctrination.

Things are now examined objectively and many being cleaned of their mental cobweb planted in them by the very elements and merchants of untruths. Many have awakened to carry a spark of truth, not religious poison of ONLY BELIEVE, DO NOT QUESTION.

I’ve seen men and women surmounting the many years of confusion.

Nevertheless, if there is any new religion that we, Ndigbo, are forming, that religion is Truth. We are advancing spiritually with this, as it was in the days of our forebears, leaving behind fanatics who are best at using ready-made opinions handed them from generation to generation through compulsion, and not conviction.

We must continue to use the ingrained qualities given to us by nature which dogmas have made to lie fallow in many. Let us not turn off the candle of genuine faith we have lit which can only shine through conviction, not compulsion.

My year today is BEYOND RELIGION AND CULTURE. I thank my parents for seeing me through life. My siblings are adored in this treatise as everyone is expected to meet his resurrection day, not in death which has been a sellout lie by religious fanatics, but while alive.

I’m happy today, because my life is a thanksgiving. Yours can as well be only if you can know thyself.

Odimegwu Onwumere’s Birthday message, December 28 2018. Email:


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