Atiku: Buhari’s Bootlickers Say All That Hitler Did Was Legal

By Odimegwu Onwumere

An immeasurable axiom states that to make crime pay, become a lawyer. This could be what is playing out in Nigeria where Alhaji Atiku Abubakar’s move to the Tribunal to challenge the outcome of the February 23 presidential elections has been condemned by some lawyers. The worst is that they have been lengthening their unsolicited advise to Atiku through the mainstream and social media to refrain from going to court. They also have said that he would face untold hardship at the court.

Buhari and Atiku

These lawyers have offered their dim-witted advise without allowing the court to decide the fate of Atiku. No. From calculation, they invariably do not pity Atiku but mocking the porous legal system that he would see or they are behind the scene supporting whom Atiku wants to challenge in the court. They want Atiku to chicken out for the exaltation of Maj. Gen. Muhammadu Buhari for their obvious marooned interest.

Some of the lawyers are in the rank of Senior Advocates of Nigeria (SAN). They forgot that the Buhari they were defending had during the years he lost in presidential elections of 2003, 2007 and 2011, taken his cases to court. It is therefore ethical for Atiku to head to court having the right to do so and it is right to do.

There is nowhere in history where an innocent man is condemned for the praise of the guilty. This is very appalling in Nigeria where men are bent to telling lies for the singular purpose of their stomach. It is aplomb to state that SANs do not make law but the authority which in sane climes is the occupation of the constitution and not political party’s decision.

We are talking of the safety of the people both at the economic, political and social level which are no longer guaranteed under a Buhari government given the untold bloodshed here and there recorded under his leadership which were characterised by Fulani herdsmen. The records are there.

The highlight of Atiku going to court is to make the law respectable since he has shown that he has obedience for the law and this is the foundation of such a renowned business man.

Buhari as a leader, his obedience to lawful authority has been in doubt. An instance is Sambo Dasuki, who upon many court orders directing for his release, Buhari has paid a deaf ear to lawful authority as the judiciary. One Nnamdi Kanu came out of dungeon under Buhari government through the whiskers upon law order to the contrary. Yet, Buhari’s bootlickers invariably remind Nigerians to understand that all that Hitler performed in Germany was legal and right. Hooey!

If there is sound legal system in Nigeria, those advising Atiku not to go to court should know that no one has a monopoly of wisdom and truth. At every meeting place which the court is not different from, progress can only be attained when participants listen to each and are also given a fair ground to do so. What those advising Atiku should do is to remind Buhari of a statement credited to Plato, which states that (sic) Justice in the life and conduct of the State is possible only as first it resides in the hearts and souls of the citizens. Does justice reside in the heart of Buhari? Many Nigerians doubt, because certain degrees of his actions were laced in autocracy even though this is democracy.

In Nigeria, the duty of the government has become to interfer in every aspect of businesses for the purpose of self-centeredness. The government here does not leave legal pursuits to the judiciary without interference. The recent removal of a Chief Judge of the country is a case study. And you wonder where fairness which was supposed to be the real essence of justice is.

Atiku going to court is a fight against segregation in justice equation in the country where fairness is given to some party loyalists but opposition parties should go to hell. Atiku is not going to court to listen to what lawyers will tell him but what justice has in its coffers. It is very bad that in a country when government holds a legal monopoly and recruit touts to scout for who should go to court or not.

Odimegwu Onwumere writes from Rivers State. Tel: +2348057778358. Email:


When PDP Takes Nigerian Army To United Nations For Unprofessionalism

By Odimegwu Onwumere

The Nigerian Army has been in the news in the recent times not for the brevity of taking up its constitutional roles of defending the territorial borders of the country, but for molestation and intimidation of the citizens it was meant to protect.

some PDP stakeholders

In the news recently was that the Nigerian Army played unprofessional role in the just concluded February 23 presidential and National Assembly elections. While the military had been severally fingered of taking occupation in brutal activities in some parts of the country with heavy presence in the South-East and South-South and was going free from such supposed nefarious activities that included extortion from motorists, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), had vowed not to leave any stone unturned in making sure that the military faced its music by the drum beat of those it can listen to. Hence, the party had at the party’s Abuja secretariat during its caucus meeting on March 4 geared up to petition the United Nations (UN) over the role played by the Nigerian Army during the said elections.

The move by the PDP might not be in the wrong direction given that elections were supposed to be a civil matter and not a war. The spate of killings recorded here and there during the elections was uncalled for. Many pointed accusing fingers at the Nigerian Army of being at the forefront of the killings. Before the elections, Maj. Gen Muhammadu Buhari, Nigeria’s president, had mandated the military to shoot at sight anyone found in underhand practices during the elections. This statement raised public uproar that many Nigerians had to charaterise the command by Buhari, by dictatorial tendencies.

They did not like Buhari’s hindsight over the elections, which they saw as a “do-or-die” affair on his side for the singular purpose of winning elections for the APC. This was what took place in Ekiti last year, where the hunger for conquest to throw the PDP out of government in that state was all that Buhari wanted. And he succeeded by enthroning APC leadership in that state through his party’s bigotry of which a sitting governor of the state then was purportedly molested by federal security apparatuses and he wept like a baby before national televisions and media men.

The leaders of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) wanted inner peace, hence on February 19, it called on the Nigerian Army not to carry out what the party characterised by “unlawful orders” from Buhari. The party took its stance at the 84th National Executive Committee (NEC) of the party. The party’s resolve was against Buhari’s earlier statement thus, “I am going to warn anybody who thinks he has enough influence in his locality to lead a body of thugs to snatch boxes or to disturb the voting system, he would do it at the expense of his own life.”

Former vice president and PDP presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar, Senate President, Bukola Saraki, Speaker of the House of Representatives Yakubu Dogara and the party chairman, Uche Secondus, who spoke discretely at the party’s summit, frowned that the Nigerian Army or other security agencies were not instituted to obey conflagrating order no matter who issued it. Buhari who was a military, did not care to listen to the voices that told him that his dictatorial comment that soldiers should shoot at sight any ballot box snatcher negated the Electoral Act which had stipulated measures to treat ballot-vote offenders. Nonetheless, the Nigeria Police Force immediately reiterated its commitment to protect the lives of the citizens during the elections and not to kill them (even though the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) is the worst in the world, as according to the 2016 World Internal Security and Police Index (WISPI).

IGP Adamu, Acting Inspector General of Police, stated this Friday, February 22 2019 in Abuja during a chat with some stakeholders in the electoral issue. But the Nigerian Army insisted on perfecting the order from Buhari. The Nigerian Army on February 19 had lengthened its voice that such directive would however be guided by its (Army) rules of engagement. Before then, the arrowhead of what has become the most fraudulent presidential elections in Nigeria,  Professor Mahmood Yakubu, their Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, chairman, had insisted that anyone found wanton during the elections would be treated according to provisions of the Electoral Act.

In the words of the Acting Director, Army Public Relations, Col Sagir Musa, “The Nigerian Army has made it sufficiently and consistently clear that none of its personnel will be involved in political campaigns, escort of VIPs for political missions and above all, aiding or supporting any political party as has been circulated in noticeable media platforms…Our Rules of Engagement and Code of Conduct have not assigned any political role to the Nigerian Army in this regard.

“Nigerian Army’s involvement starts and ends with the provision of peaceful and secured environment for the conduct of 2019 general election; therefore, any insinuation or assertion against this declaration is mischievous and politically motivated which the Nigerian Army under the command of Lt Gen T.Y. Buratai has strongly and severally warned against. Members of the public are please requested to judge the Nigerian Army on this declaration.”

But did the Nigerian Army’s promises hold water during the elections? The same Army that said it was neutral and wouldn’t involve in the elections had earlier warned through the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), General Abayomi Gabriel Olonisakin, that it was ready to deal with any person or group involved in any act of security breaches during the elections.  In acting according to its “Rules of Engagement and Code of Conduct”? the spokesman of the Nigerian Army, Col. Sagir Musa explained why soldiers killed 6 civilians in Rivers state during the elections.

Did you hear that 6 civilians were killed during the elections? Later, Army gave its spurious reasons for doing so. But the question is, what was the Nigerian Army doing in the field of elections when the country had Police? As if that was not enough, some soldiers in Yola reportedly killed three persons in the Numan Local Government Area of Adamawa State. These persons were said to be celebrating the electoral victory of Buhari. Then-again, during the early days of struggle to attain Biafra by peaceful means, according to Wikipedia, the South-East Based Coalition of Human Rights Organizations (SBCHROs) estimated that (sic) about 80 members of the pro-Biafra group, the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and their supporters, have been killed by Nigerian security operatives under the directive of the Nigerian government between August 30, 2015 and February 9, 2016.

By June 19 2018, the International Society for Civil Liberties and the Rule of Law, Intersociety, disclosed the names of 150 pro-Biafra activists in a peaceful protest allegedly massacred by the Nigerian Army. And the number of IPOB members extra-judicially killed by apparent soldiers was in the increase.

However, by March 5, the death toll In Rivers was reportedly up to 30 in Abonnema Town, Akuku-Toru Local Government Area, Rivers State. Residents were pleading that Army should be withdrawn from the March 8 guber election across the country, with fear that they lack words to express their displeasure in the hands of Army. Women and children were in apprehension mood and protested over the presence Army in elections, yet Army was calling on the PDP that the party’s stance that Army was unprofessional during the elections was an act to blackmail the Army.

Whichever, with these and other underreported anti-social activities carried out by the Nigerian Army, the PDP in its resolve to take the Army to the UN, was a mission long overdue. Nigerians and groups of goodwill cannot allow the unprintable behaviours of the Nigerian Army destroy the citizens’ inner peace in the name of applying “Rules of Engagement and Code of Conduct”.

Odimegwu Onwumere writes from Rivers State. Tel: +2348057778358. Email:


Buhari’s Handmaidens Against Atiku Going To Court

By Odimegwu Onwumere

It is on public notice that there are people and groups frightening the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the February 23 2019 presidential election, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar.

Buhari and Atiku

Their tactics is by asking him to sheathe the legal battle he is instituting to reclaim the supposedly mandate given to him by the Nigerian electorate that was brazenly robbed by the All Progressive Congress (APC) candidate, Maj. Gen. Muhammadu Buhari.

It would be disservice to hundreds of millions of Nigerians if Atiku gets down not to reclaim this mandate that the APC is brandishing whereas there are posers suggesting that the party knew nothing about success in the election. No matter how hard they push Atiku, one thing remains sacrosanct, there is no man who knows his onus that will allow himself to be intimidated by the will of others, especially in a political arena. And Atiku can be trusted that he will not betray the prospects of the electorate who gave him their maximum support.

Nonetheless, Buhari has become a spirit that attacked Nigerians in an election he invariably was not positioned to win. Hence, many of the persons and groups calling on Atiku to eschew his legal stance were economical with the truth. Some were saying that they did not want war in Nigeria, and you wonder when a legal battle was defined as a war.

Maybe, those calling on Atiku to sheathe his legal sword were machineries to the presidency and the APC but acting like peacemakers. Then-again, they could be positioning themselves for political appointments under Buhari and therefore airing their convoluted and polluted voice to Atiku to step-down his legal stance against their boss in-the-making.

They could also be buying unmerited favour from Buhari. Whichever, no man in his right senses asks a person who wants the court to interpret his case to withdraw from doing so. Is it when such a person takes up arms that he will be supported? Do you beat a child and at the same time ask the child not to cry?

Even one popular lawyer who is a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), Olisa Agbakoba was among the persons who had thrown their weight against Atiku’s resolve to contest the outcome of the election in a competent court. Could it be that Buhari and the APC are reaching out to prominent Nigerians and groups to lobby Atiku to soft-pedal?

Agabkoba’s call on Atiku was contained in a paper titled ‘2019 Presidential Election: Ethnic Consideration vs Governance Consideration’ on Wednesday, February 27 2019, where he said amongst other things, “I understand the PDP is aggrieved at the outcome of the election and alleged massive irregularities. I urge former Vice President Atiku Abubakar not to approach the Election Petition Tribunal.”

Another person was a former Minister of Information, Prince Tony Momoh who asked Atiku to accept defeat and congratulate with Buhari. While Agbakoba relayed his relatively hazardous advise to Atiku through a paper, Momoh made his known through a telephone interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos, the same day Agbakoba threw in his weight against Atiku.

In the voice of Momoh, “A beautiful thing happened shortly after the results were announced in the 2015 general elections: Jonathan called the winner (Buhari) and congratulated with him. That singular act not only made Jonathan a respected national figure, but also an international figure. Therefore, as a national leader, I will call on our friend, Atiku to call Buhari and congratulate him.” Apart from Agbakoba and Momoh; from labour organisations, Arewa Consultative Forum, ex-Governor and their ilk in the international community, the call on Atiku to extend a handshake to Buhari and congratulate with him was deafening.

While these persons and groups and countries were entitled to their opinions, it will be a firecracker to make it clear that it is not every opinion that is acceptable. The issue is not on Atiku congratulating with the Buhari, but in correcting the method with which Buhari emerged as president-elect. The persons and groups acting as Holy Nweje for Buhari forgot to question him why he did not sign the Electoral Act amendment bill, 2018, but returned it to the National Assembly.

When this happened, Nigerians of goodwill were agape that Buhari, who had claimed he was a man of integrity, had something up his sleeves in the 2019 elections. And they were right! Where were the modern days’ peacemakers when Atiku had in January this year fingered Buhari and the APC of messy abuse of the Constitution and the Electoral Act 2010 through unchecked deployment of state resources and apparatuses for this year’s presidential campaign? Remember that Buhari returned the draft of that Bill to NASS several times to add or subtract one clause or the other from it, of which the Honourable House did only for Buhari to avoid that Bill on December 9 2018, to this day.

It’s not about Atiku but about what is written in one Donna Goddard’s ‘The Love of Devotion’ which is, “It is not possible to be seduced by the lure of ego-gratification or intimidated by the tyranny of imposters when we know that we are as the angels. We are loved beyond comprehension. So, we must claim our rightful inheritance and live with the confidence of protection.” Thank goodness, Atiku rejected the outcome of that election on February 27 2019, while addressing a news conference in a statement entitled, “Democracy will not be emasculated in Nigeria”.

At the press conference, Atiku did not say that he was heading for a gun battle, but a legal battle with Buhari and perhaps the APC. The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) had at 4.39 a.m, February 27, declared the APC candidate in the person of Buhari, winner of the election at the International Conference Centre (ICC) in Abuja, days after the election was conducted.

For record purposes, in the brave words of Atiku, “Consequently, I hereby reject the result of the February 23, 2019 sham election and will be challenging it in court, because with regards to the presidential elections that took place on February 23, 2019, it is clear that there were manifest and premeditated malpractices in many states which negate the results announced.”

Just as Buhari and his co travellers were not bothered to release the result of the election immediately it was conducted but preferred days to do so, the ramshackle Presidency followed Atiku up by announcing that it was not bothered by his decision to challenge the February 23 Presidential election in court. It’s essential that Atiku contested the outcome of the election in the court given the APC proud and vain way it handled the collation of results with Atiku saying there were too many irregularities here and there.

Buhari’s significantly kangaroo emergence as the winner of that election does not in earnest represent the whims and caprices of about 95% of Nigerians. Conduct a survey on Buhari and be surprise that he is the most hated leader in Nigeria. These statistics of Nigerians did not want Buhari again. Even if Atiku withdraws from court, hundreds of millions of Nigerians are in court with Buhari in their hearts. They are sentencing him for nature to take preeminence on how he emerged again as president. Nigerians have suffered a lot of prejudices in Buhari’s first tenure in legion ranging from hardship and blatant lies and blame-game which oozed out from Buhari government at will for the purpose to cover up its inept features.

Nigerians are not sure if the APC will continue with its ‘change’ mantra having Nigerians known now that it was a ruse. This government should stop celebrating its rising prejudice motivated by pride and greed.  However, Agbakoba and co might not be illegal (except in the tonality they used) calling on Atiku to withdraw from his legal move, given the APC body language which has suggested that the party was not perturbed with the Nigerian legal system and was not disturbed about it. If not there would have been some decorum in reacting to Atiku’s statement and not arbitrary use of the phrase — “Not bothered”.

Odimegwu Onwumere writes from Rivers State. Tel: +2348057778358. Email:


Lonely meal of sorrow {Poem}

By Odimegwu Onwumere

{This picture was culled online to lace the poem}

All hopes entrusted on the country
Have been betrayed
Like an infidel partner.

Many of us at the war front
Continue to retreat
Like defeated soldiers
Without reinforcement.

The lightened room
Continues to darken
Upon prospects.

We continue to lend our voice
Which croaks like frogs
During drought.

The country continues to release
Sadness into our soul

And lonely meal of sorrow
Is the only meal left on the menu.

© Dec. 15 2018; Odimegwu Onwumere

Factors That May Work Against Okorocha’s Candidate In Favour Of Araraume In Imo Guber

By Odimegwu Onwumere

One Ayn Rand tells the world in Atlas Shrugged, saying that “‘power-lust’ is a weed that grows only in the vacant lots of an abandoned mind.”

{Okorocha and Araraume}

Rand might not have the loquacious Imo State Governor Rochas Okorocha at heart, when that statement was made. But in earnest, the statement best captures what is happening in Imo today, where the once loved, respected, modeled, orator Rochas Okorocha has sullied his image because of “power-lust” in 2019, as if Imo State is a dramatic theater where fiction is entertained in the place of reality.

Okorocha prefers to be known for the much clatter he makes and controversial features he exhibits as governor rather than to be known as a statesman after his tenure, a trait that has shamed many people like this writer who loved Okorocha to a fault before and in 2007 he wanted to contest for the PDP chairmanship.

From his comments today, Okorocha still lives in the medieval feudalism. Imo State has become his land while the people, his labourers, who are bound to abide by his tyrannical overtures usually consisting arrogance and vulgarity.

Okorocha has shown much of his smuttiness to Senator Ifeanyi Araraume, given the interest the later has shown for the plume job of governor of Imo State come 2019.

While Araraume believes that the Imo electorate will deliver him, the talkative Okorocha believes Imo State is under dukedom where one family succeeds the duke after another.

What formed Okorocha’s statement in February this year that he has told all the contestants to start consulting but he will not support Araraume shows that Okorocha is a “proud, arrogant, vindictive, greedy and narrow-minded or clannish” person, some words he had the umpteenth time indirectly used to qualify the person of Araraume.

It is evidence that why the governor is hitting his head on the wall against Araraume’s aspiration is because he would not want Araraume to open the can of worms that he perhaps has canned as governor.

This is typified in the governor’s comment stating that he would not want, apart from Araraume, his immediate predecessor, Dr Ikedi Ohakim, re-elected. According to the ravenous Okorocha, “if Ohakim is re-elected, his mission would be for vengeance.”

It ought not to be in the hands of Okorocha to tell Ndi-Imo who they want to elect or re-elect as governor if he has nothing to fear after his tenure expires as governor in 2019. While Okorocha has said that he does not want the likes of Araraume, yet, while speaking with newsmen on February 5, he said that it was Imo people who should name “who his successor should be.”

In his words, “I want Imo people to name who they want as their governor in 2019, because I will not name any body, and that is why I have asked the aspirants to consult with the people; but, definitely, the likes of Araraume and Ohakim will not succeed me.”

However, few days latter that Okorocha made that comment like a man that cannot be trusted that he is, on February 12, at a meeting with members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) from Owerri Municipal Council Area, he named his Chief of Staff, Uche Nwosu, as his successor in 2019. Nwosu is also Okorocha’s son-in-law.

Apart from choosing his son in-law to succeed him, Okorocha’s affront on the Imo people that has shown he has failed before and on arriving 2019 was when he said that his choice for Nwosu was because of “the qualities of an ideal leader” that Nwosu has.

When it seemed to Okorocha that his son in-law was the only person in the entire Imo State with the ideals of leadership and when many Imo people were afraid to talk to Okorocha who apart from seeing Imo State as his fiefdom and overloads what happens even in the APC in the state, Araraume manifestly told him that no one owns Imo State or the APC in the state.

Okorocha who believes that his son in-law and him are the only people in Imo State that have leadership qualities, also has interest to run in the Imo West Senatorial District in 2019.

Well, given how richer Okorocha has become financially, many people from far think that Imo State population are wealthy. What they did not know is that Okorocha promised making Imo big, but the outcome is his ‘having it all to myself’ mentality he started showing as he became governor.

His new political trend to form a political dynasty is part and parcel of sheer greed which is no longer hidden in Okorocha’s political charades. He is obsessed with power, money and greed. If not, why would he have made a choice of the son in-law to go for governor while himself, to senate. This is a case of making the world to believe that greed is good.

On the other hand, it is obvious that Araraume, no matter what it will take him or cost him, wants to say that Okorocha’s judgment of 2019 is politically impaired by no other person but Araraume, because Okorocha has blinded Imo State with “power-lust” ambition.

Odimegwu Onwumere is a Poet, Writer and Media Consultant based in Rivers State. Tel: +2348032552855. Email:

Balarabe: Unreserved Truth Of APC’s Wares Of Hardship To Nigerians

By Odimegwu Onwumere

“Balarabe Musa is one of Nigeria’s brightest stars of integrity and sterling principles. The octogenarian has lived to his reputation by avoiding any conduct associated with corruption and dishonour. Even Musa’s worst enemies and critics cannot dispute his remarkable reputation for integrity and selfless service to the people.” – Muhammadu Buhari

At 81, Abdulkadir Balarabe Musa who is regarded as a left-wing Nigerian politician, elected Governor of Kaduna State, during the Nigerian Second Republic, has remained an outspoken loyalist to the downtrodden, hapless and defocused Nigerians, who are enduring charlatanic governance under the All Progressives Congress (APC)-led government of Nigeria. Musa who probably would not have owned a house of his own if not that he took a loan about 40 years ago of which he balanced recently, has spoken truth to the mendacious APC government.

Musa, the National Chairman of Peoples Redemption Party, PRP, with an undamaged acumen not always known of persons of his age, news has it that while speaking at the 54th National Executive Committee of the party in Kaduna on December 12 2017, had the following words for the retrogressed and aberration known as APC: “The economy remains comatose, and in some sectors, particularly in industry and commerce, it is even getting worse. Monetary and fiscal management have continued to lack coherence and consistency, or even predictability and strategic planning.

“Unemployment, particularly among the youths, who constitute the bulk of our population, has assumed critical proportions and is now, for all practical purposes, a national emergency. Yet, this APC administration, which rode to power on the back of false promises to this generation of hapless young men and women, seems to have no answers to this ticking time bomb beyond slogans such as N-Power.

“In the name of an anti-corruption campaign, the government has been consistently assaulting Due Process and the Rule of Law. Court orders are flagrantly disobeyed by the very institutions that should enforce them. Basic democratic rights are being cynically abused.

“While talking glibly about fighting corruption, the government shamelessly looks askance where corruption is exposed within its own very ranks, closets and cocoons. APC, both at the centre and the states it controls, has proved that it has little or nothing else to provide Nigerians other than further mass impoverishment, frustration and hardship.”

While the Major General Muhammadu-led APC government has shown that it lags the tenets of positive leadership in the points raised above by Musa but with a PhD in propaganda, you wonder what is then an impeachable offense that a president should commit before he is shown the exit door in the office. T

The governened are enduring untoward hardship as they are experiencing under the government of Buhari in the name of democracy.

Musa has shown that he is not and cannot be like the Senate leader, Ali Ndume (APC, Borno South), who on July 25 2016, said in an interview that Buhari cannot be impeached, because he has not been faithful to any impeachable offence. In the same month of that year, the Nigerian House of Representatives corroborated what the Senate had said through Ndume.

Chief Whip of the House, Alhassan Doguwa was the garrulous ‘speaker’ for the lower chamber. Whereas the Senate and House of Reps exonerated the president of impeachment, it is still fresh in our hearts that the DSS was unashamedly above board in its excesses in this government, Army, Police, Fulani herdsmen and Boko haram were also defiantly everywhere in this government.

Remember that the Nigerian Police was rated the worst in the world few weeks ago, according to World Internal Security and Police Index International, WISPI. But apart from the fact that Nigerians are roasting under Buhari and some persons were saying that he had not committed an impeachable offense, the retention of the (il)legal Chairman, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Ibrahim Magu, upon the rejection of Magu by the Senate, had been said is one impeachable offense.

We should not even remember the brain behind Maina’s return. According to Reno Omokri, the author of Facts Versus Fiction: The True Story of the Jonathan Years: Chibok, 2015 and Other Conspiracies, “This is even as the Attorney General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami had already revealed that he “acted in the public’s interest” in initiating the process for Maina’s return.” The $25 billion Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) fiddle which is regarded by opinion leaders as “the biggest scam ever in the history of Nigeria since 1914 to date” could also have been “in public interest”.

Omokri, about five months ago, said that the former President Goodluck Jonathan made mistakes, but Buhari is a mistake. Omokri is not far from the truth. Buhari is not just a mistake but a failure in governance that many of us shouted about during his emergence as APC’s presidential candidate in the 2015, that he will finally not prove critics wrong.

Taking to Twitter of the lies of the Buhari government, Omokri wrote that before the APC came into power, Babatunde Raji Fashola, SAN, and currently the Federal Minister of Power, Works and Housing and was Lagos State Governor from May 29, 2007 to May 29, 2015, had in 2014 promised stable electricity, if only the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) is voted out.

“However, he is now blaming Jonathan, for reducing electricity tariff. Buhari will do well moving @tundefashola from being in charge of generating power for Nigeria to being in charge of generating excuses for govt,” Omokri mocked them. “The main difference between GEJ/PDP and PMB/APC is that @GEJonathan made his mistakes as President while @MBuhari is a mistake as President. The major difference between the PDP and the APC is that whereas the PDP had some confirmed liars as members, the APC is itself a lie!”

Against that influence, Buhari spent the vital parts of his first year in office junketing around the world without a cabinet. Buhari stayed in the office without a cabinet knowing or unknowing that the different states depend on the Federation Account to survive. Buhari had a view that he was preparing for the best for the country, oblivious that his action was for the worse. Six months without a functional cabinet of ministers, ambassadors and so on, were enough to damage the country’s economy than just recession. And here we are!

However, speaking in an interview on April 2 2017, Senator Femi Okurounmu, regarded as a die-hard Awoist, said that the president might be impeached, on the appointment of the Magu, if he refuses to follow the constitution. In the words of Okurounmu, “There are two issues involved here. If the Senate rejects Magu and the president allows him to act, that is an impeachable offence. If our legislature is up to the task, if our lawmakers know their rights and they are men of honour, that is enough to impeach the president.”

Hmmm. Hardly is anyone talking on the hyper-kept secret of the health condition of Buhari since January 19 2017, we read then in the news that he sent a letter to the senate in respect of this. The senate did not see him, but saw the letter. Since then, Nigeria has been sick as their president is sick.

It is the odious of governments that Buhari is heading that pushed Musa to weep that at 81, he is not yet fulfilled, while fielding questions to journalists on October 27 2017. It is this type of nuisance called democracy under Buhari that made Musa to regret the 57 years of Independence from the rapacious British colonial masters. He said, “At 81, I will say I feel great and I thank God for everything. But, I am not completely fulfilled because we are yet to have the country of our dreams. We are yet to have a country where there is equity and respect for rights and dignity of all citizens. We are yet to have a country where the governed are good followers and leaders think first about the people and not the other way round. I desire a better Nigeria where everyone will feel the impact of governance that is my birthday wish for the country.’’

Nevertheless, when this government expires someday, the remaining of us who were not killed by the Buhari hunger policies would remember Balarabe Musa as a man who spoke truth to power, when some others chickened out. We would remember Musa that it was his un-daunting courage for the elements of integrity that made Buhari to describe him as a “man of unassailable integrity and untainted record of public service” in a tribute to Musa on the occasion of his 81st birthday anniversary this year.

If Buhari apologists think they can keep the health of the president a secret, they cannot keep the fact that Nigerians are hungry under Buhari a secret; they cannot keep the killing and marauding Fulani herdsmen a secret, and many other deliberate abuses here and there under the Buhari-led APC government. These are the hardships being offered to Nigerians by the APC government, which Abdulkadir Balarabe Musa was not happy about.

Odimegwu Onwumere is a Poet, Writer and Media Consultant based in Rivers State. Tel: +2348032552855. Email:

£6m Down The Drain: Many Lies Buhari Told On His Ear Infection

By Odimegwu Onwumere

Mallam Garba Shehu, the Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity to President Muhammadu Buhari in a bid to launder his paymaster’s image and perhaps save his job, said on September 19, 2016 that Mr. President spent about £50,000 as operating cost for his ear treatment in London as against £6m Prof. Farooq Kperogi at Bayero University Kano had quoted a national paper in a commentary as the cost of Buhari’s trip to London for the ear treatment.

{Major General Muhammadu Buhari}
{Major General Muhammadu Buhari}

“The disclosure on Prof. Farooq Kperogi’s wall that President Muhammadu Buhari’s ear treatment in the United Kingdom cost a whopping £6m must have shocked many of the respected scholar’s followers.

“I’m prepared to share documents with Farooq, one of the brightest ever produced from the Bayero University Kano that the whole treatment, including a follow-up visit by a specialist to Nigeria didn’t cost £50,000,” said the embattled Shehu.

Checks At The Presidency Had Claimed The Trip Cost £6m, Not £50, 000

Checks revealed that after Shehu made the claim, Kperogi put the records straight in a public presentation on September 24, stating as follows:

#1. “Checks at the presidency claimed that, the cost of the trip which includes aviation fuel, accommodation, allowances for aides and medical treatment amounts to about £6 million.” (Vanguard).

#2. What government needs to do is go beyond issuing a glib denial; it should bring authentic, verifiable documentary evidence that shows exactly how much was spent during the 14-day trip to London when Buhari’s ear was treated. How many aircraft in the presidential fleet were taken to London? How much did it cost to fuel them?

#3. What was the landing cost for keeping them in London for 14 days? How many aides and government officials went to London with the president? How much did their per diem (what we call “estacodes” in Nigeria) cost the national treasury? What was the cost of accommodating and feeding the coterie of aides and government officials that followed the president to London? We already know, through Mallam Garba, that the president’s medical bill was about 50,000 pounds.

#4. From my own informal observation, when you calculate the cost of the trip-fueling of the aircraft in the presidential fleet, per diem for aides and other government officials, etc. for two weeks – there is no way on earth that it wouldn’t add up to a few million pounds. No way. Now, note that Vanguard claimed to have made “checks of £6m” at the presidency, and nobody from the presidency denied it – for more than three months after the fact!

#5. But, most importantly, some people assume that just because the presidency has denied the allegation, it must be false. That’s unbelievably shallow and credulous. First, Mallam Garba Shehu’s statement (of £50, 000) merely told us the medical bill Buhari incurred for his ear treatment. It said nothing about the cost of the entire trip. Never mind that on June 8, 2016, Femi Adesina actually said “The President did not go to London for treatment.” Now we are told he spent “less than £50,000” for as his medical bill for ear treatment.

First Lies Told By Buhari About His Ear Infection

Mr. President’s aides started defending him with lies when early this year, Nigerians clamoured that he had ear impairment known in the medical term as “Meniere’s Disease’’.

Within the period instead of the mystified Buhari would accept his ear infection reality, he rather confined himself to the State House and canceled three official occasions in which he was represented by Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo.

Osibanjo represented Buhari in Papua New Guinea where the 8th Summit of the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States held. Also, at the 48th Ordinary Summit of Heads of State and Government of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) which held in Dakar, Senegal, Buhari was represented by Osibanjo. Buhari also canceled his trip to Lagos State to launch some projects accomplished by Governor Akinwunmi Ambode of the state.

Later, on June 5, the Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Mr. Femi Adesina, told Nigerians that the president would on that day, proceed on a 10‎-day leave, which he would spend in London.

“During the holiday, he will see an E.N.T. specialist ‎for a persistent ear infection,” he said, explaining: “The president was examined by his Personal Physician and an E.N.T. Specialist in Abuja and was treated. Both Nigerian doctors recommended further evaluation purely as a precaution.”

Needless Medical Trip Abroad

When the All Progressives Congress (APC) produced Buhari as president in the 2015 presidential election, the party accused the then Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) of squandering the country’s resources in overseas treatment of its stakeholders. But the APC sent shame to the winds and sent Buhari on abroad medical trip, something the APC had used against the PDP.

Instantaneously that Buhari confirmed his ear problem as a reality and was set to travel overseas, Dr. Osahon Enabulele, Vice President, Commonwealth Medical Association (CMA) and former President, Nigerian Medical Association (NMA), told the media that the trip was a shame on the nation (despite the presence of over 250 ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialists in the country and a National Ear Centre in Kaduna State), given that Enabulele had undergone surgical operation for his ear infection in Nigeria, this year, and it was successful.

“I am very constrained to state that this foreign medical trip flies in the face of the federal government’s earlier declaration of her resolve to halt the embarrassing phenomenon of outward medical tourism, which by the end of the year 2013, has led to a humongous capital flight of about $1 billion, particularly from expenses incurred by political and public office holders and their accompanying aides, whose foreign medical trips, most of which are unnecessary, were financed with tax payers’ resources,” Enabulele contended in an open letter to the president.

The medical expert gave an instance why Buhari should have treated himself in Nigeria, saying, “If the former Governor of Kogi State, Idris Wada, could patronize Nigerian-trained medical experts and medical facilities here in Nigeria when he unfortunately suffered a fractured femur following a road traffic accident in 2013, I see no reason why in 2016, Mr. President could not have stayed back in Nigeria to attend to his ear infection.”

Nigerian doctors had recommended extra assessment of Mr. President’s ailment simply as a precaution, but did not recommend foreign trip. “Just for an ear infection Nigeria’s president travels all the way to London to get expert treatment and a second opinion. Shame on Nigeria! And this ear infection explains all the loud cries and groans of the common people suffering from their day to day challenges,” said a public affairs commentator.

Conclusion: Buhari Would’ve Stayed Back In Nigeria; Claim He Spent £50,000 as False

According to media reports, “The medical expert claimed that most public and political office holders who seek foreign medical care are treated by Nigerian-trained doctors, particularly in the United Kingdom, which has over 3000 Nigerian-trained medical doctors, and the United States of America, with over 5000.

“Most of these foreign-based doctors, Mr. Enabulele added, relocated abroad because of the government’s repeated failure to address the various factors that make the local environment difficult to work in.” Adding, Dr. Enabulele said that if he was in the Buhari aides’ shoes, he would have advised Mr. President to stay back in Nigeria and explore any of the following options.

  1. Urgently invite a consortium of Nigerian trained ENT specialists in Nigeria to Abuja to re-evaluate and treat Mr. President; or,
  2. if it is determined that the medical expertise is not available in Nigeria (and I doubt this), any identified Nigerian trained ENT specialist practicing anywhere in the world should be invited to Abuja, Nigeria, for the sole purpose of re-evaluating and treating Mr. President; or,
  3. if it is a case where the health facilities/equipment are unavailable (and this is a possibility) then Mr. President should have used his current medical situation, though unfortunate, to commence the Federal Government’s plan to re-equip Nigerian hospitals with modern state-of-the art health facilities, by ordering for the needed medical equipment to enable the locally available Nigerian trained ENT specialists to attend to him, and thereafter use same facilities to attend to other Nigerians with similar conditions.

Finally, Prof. Kperogi added, “Can anybody in good conscience defend the action of a president who allocated N4 billion to Aso Rock Clinic (which is more than the budget of all Nigerian teaching hospitals combined) but goes abroad to treat an ear infection less than a month after he banned government officials from traveling abroad for medical treatment? Let’s not allow our emotions to get the better of our judgment! Only unreflective Buhari apologists assume the falsity of the Vanguard report (of £6m), without any shred of contrary evidence other than a facile, reactive denial.”

Odimegwu Onwumere is a Poet, Writer and Consultant based in Rivers State. Tel: +2348032552855. E-mail: