My Sympathy To Ikpeazu Over The Loss Of His Chief of Staff

By Odimegwu Onwumere

Most people think that the significant ones in the society do not need a ‘how are you?’ message from the rest of the population, especially when they are perturbed. There is a false impression pointing that due to how financially muscled they are, they do not need to be cared for and that everything is okay for them.

{Governor Okezie Ikpeazu}

No. They need our care and expression of love outstandingly in their isolation from the public called office they spend most of their time in. It is because they are not above life (even though that some of them feel that they are above life) that I want to extend my expression of commiseration to the Abia State Governor, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu, over the passing away of his Chief of Staff, Chief Chijioke Nwakodo, who died in London, as was transmitted by the media of August 11 2017.

It is not painless to lose a loved one as a Chief of Staff at the age of 56. It would not be uncomplicated to forget such a death even though that heartache helps human beings to overcome and makes the deceased much weighty in the eyes of the living.

We however undergo the death of our loved ones in our lifetimes and the governor should put every mechanism in place to bear the permanent loss. I would not know the emotions the governor might be wearing now, but it will be nice he grieves in his own way without hurting himself. There is no amount of “Be stout!” or “Applaud up!” or “Move on!” that might heal Dr. Ikpeazu.

The governor may be wondering if Nwakodo is actually dead. Many of us had thought this way, when we lost our loved ones. But it is an incredulity that is a reality after we come to our distanced senses. The death of a loved one, keeps us defocused. No doubt. But we heal gradually with time.

Even with the time, our minds send a cluttered message to our hearts and we begin to wonder if there was a way that could have saved the life of the loved one that we didn’t apply or follow. Well, we have to understand that unhappiness is beyond thinking in different directions after death had snatched a loved one or appearing in seclusion.

The deceased, I didn’t know him in person. But I’m somewhat compelled to tell the governor through this means that I could not allow him stay alone or in a lonely mood in this gloomy time. If Nwakodo’s life was something that money or might could redeem, he would not have gone the way of our ancestors. At least, he was in London, where the healthcare is lively, unlike the moribund and on the-deathbed healthcare system in this country.

Let all the people that loved Nwakodo take heart. So, let the governor take heart and be happy that he had a man like Nwakodo who served in his government. Again, all and sundry should take heart.

It may not be easy for Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu to describe the death of his Chief of Staff – Chijioke Nwakodo, but for him to realise that Nwakodo is no more, the better. There is no other time. The time is now!

Odimegwu Onwumere is a Poet, Writer and Media Consultant based in Rivers State. Tel: +2348057778358. He contributed this piece via:


Emeka Obasi: I least expected this

By Odimegwu Onwumere

I have known Prince Emeka Obasi for over a decade now. We have had numerous phone interactions. He has a calm voice and has a way of advising and making peace. I’m saying this because this is the way he sounds in our conversations. This is the reason I least expected that one open letter to Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu that is signed with his name was coming from him till I was made to believe so through many rejoinders and counter-rejoinders to the said letter.

I’ve known princes as peacemakers and not persons that throw tantrums and take sides when there is uproar in a given situation. If actually my friend, Emeka, is a prince by heritage and not by mere choice of name, he would not have started his so-called open letter to Kalu by writing that he read “with a great deal of embarrassment the article that was ghosted in the column you allegedly write in The Sun Newspaper of Sunday 16th August 2014”.

If he knew the ignominy of his sentence, he would by now be on his knees asking for forgiveness for infringing on the fundamental right to speech of Kalu.  Obasi seems bent on using hate speeches against the person of Kalu, perhaps oblivious of the level that hate speeches can go.

If he does not know the level hate speeches can go, he should know it today that it was the  hate speeches of Adolf Hitler between 1941 and 1945 against the Jews that led to the killing of over 10 million people by the German military when the Jews were camped in four different concentration camps. They were burnt, shot, cremated, and subjected to all forms of bestiality.

It is not the position of princes to throw tantrums when their dukedom is ensnared in the fight of the titans like our state of Abia is experiencing between the present governor, T.A Orji and his predecessor, Orji Uzor Kalu. If Obasi is as sincere as he sounds on phone whenever we are conversing,  he will accept that he  benefitted a lot from Kalu in whose administration he served as a commissioner and was appointed to man other portfolios.
I do not want to say that Obasi was an opportunist because I read in one of the rejoinders that Obasi became a commissioner through the efforts of General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida, who implored Kalu to make Obasi commissioner. Obasi knew that IBB is among the many Nigerians that Kalu has Kilimanjaro respect for and he did not waste that opportunity. But today, he is rewarding Kalu with the obverse.

prince emeka obasi

Prince Obasi should have been preaching and carving out ways to make peace between the former two brothers who are now divided by politics, which was occasioned b gossip such as  Obasi’s “open letter to Kalu”, because of the love for wealth. I do not want to write what I read in one of the rejoinders against Obasi’s position against Kalu that Obasi is a man who can do anything  because of money; I do not also want to write that he was said to have been in enmity with his father before he died some years ago. I do not want to write that he might not be at peace with himself, so he may not like peace to reign in the state.
If we may take the above as political attacks, are we also going to take the position of the Prince siding Governor Orji for the pummel of Kalu as a gimmick because Governor Orji is his clansman?  Obasi did not think otherwise before insulting the personality of Kalu. His letter has traits  of a man who was battling with his conscience while penning down those lines that have now engendered  a lot of critiques against him.
I remember an incident on November 25, 2001 when Obasi was serving under Kalu as the State Commissioner for Information, Culture and Tourism. While holding a press briefing about the suspension of the Deputy Governor, Chief Eyinaya Abaribe, who was suspended by the State Executive Council in Umuahia the previous day, he said, “the decision to suspend Abaribe was thoroughly deliberated on by members and the resolution was unanimous (which Obasi was a member? Mine).

“The Executive Council thoroughly considered the issues raised against the deputy governor which bordered on absenteeism from Exco meetings and office. Council members were particularly aggrieved that he had consistently portrayed them in very negative light.

“His conduct negates the spirit of collective responsibility which underpins presidential system and collegiality which binds members of the state executive council together as a body.”

But this same Obasi is now among those who would insult Kalu with their spiteful comments that Kalu did not ‘get’ it as governor, whereas they were the people calling the shots. Remember that Kalu did not attend the meeting where the like of Obasi squared up and suspended Abaribe.

I’m not sure what leads people into such behaviour as double-speak like Obasi has shown in his open letter to Kalu today. I don’t want to believe that my friend Obasi is the beggarly type that genuflects to the side that is rosy today thereby forgetting the past and his stance in those days.

When he was Commissioner under Kalu, he saw Kalu as the messiah that came to Abia State. But now that his “Dede” in the person of Governor T.A. Orji is in power, the later has become Obasi’s messiah possibly in a bid for stomach infrastructure.

What was expected from the Prince was to make peace and not be pointing fingers at his “Dede’s” perceived political foe. If there was any man who benefited from Kalu when he was governor, I think that person was Obasi with different portfolios to his credit under Kalu’s administration. My advice to Obasi is that in the ‘scale of preference’ between a cow and a road, wise people choose the  road, and not the cow, because they know that the road will never close, but the meat from the cow does not last forever.

Odimegwu Onwumere, a Poet/Writer, writes from Rivers State.

Tel: +2348032552855


Orji has no moral justification to congratulate Fayose

By Odimegwu Onwumere

Governor Theodore Ahamefule Orji of Abia State has no shame to congratulate with the INEC-declared Governor-elect of Ekiti State, Ayo Fayose, in the June 21st gubernatorial election in that state widely acclaimed as a bunch of professors.


The skeletal-brained Orji who has sent in his congratulatory message was unashamed to tell the world previously that he had these, as achievement for eight years in office, as governor: a conference centre, 22-room house of assembly office complex and workers secretariat.

These have not even been investigated. They could be lies, because this is a government that derives pleasure in blame-game and propaganda. The question Abia people have been asking him that he has not answered (before he goes to congratulate with a Fayose who may not like his name be mentioned alongside Orji because of the bad ordeal that Orji has become) is how do those titular building translate to people-oriented programmes that the ‘common’ man in the street of Abia State is yarning for.

It is only in Orji’s Abia State that a government could not account for the money it had so far received from the Federation Account, when the presidency and Federal Finance minister had called on the oil producing states to do so. It was evident that the ignominious leader receives monthly allocations that are more than the annual budget of many African countries. Yet, there is nothing to write home about in Abia State, except the deafening jingles and intimidating bill-boards of “Ochendo Global” that Abia State has been forcefully compelled to accept as its own form of the dividend of democracy.

That was where the state money goes to. If not, the minute investments that the governor brags as achievements are what a ‘common’ Igbo trader in Onitsha or Lagos can build and donate to his community and yet will be crying of being financially poor not to assist his community the way he had wanted. This is a government that cannot differentiate between structures and infrastructures. Did you say it is a shame? Orji is one governor that is yet to lay down any plan for his Abia State for nearly 8yrs he has been saddling that state as a dictatorial governor he is. He owes workers good sums of salaries and allowances for nearly a year now and rules with security operatives and forcefully taxes the residents through their nostrils.

ayo fayose

Orji’s voice among the millions of Nigerians in congratulating the Ekiti Governor-elect, Ayo Fayose on his victory is balderdash, let alone describing what had transpired in the election as “democracy in action” whereas Orji is a despot under a democratic government. Orji lauded as “maturity and sportsmanship demonstrated by the incumbent Gov. Kayode Fayemi in accepting defeat and accepting to support the Governor – elect” whereas he is the most unsophisticated and immature human being that the world has ever produced in the 20s century. Let this be a story for another day.

If the world sees what has happened in Ekiti State as democracy at work, then they are yet to see the un-democracy at work under the leadership of Orji in Abia State. What Fayemi had exhibited that the world is applauding him for, was what T.A Orji would have sent his notorious son Chinedum “Ikuku” to go for the spoil. Orji who was praising the outcome of the Ekiti elections preferred to work with touts, instead of dissenters. In the government’s definition of democracy, any dissenters should be labeled a kidnapper, rapist, armed robber, and many other useless names and attributes. In Orji’s diary, he has no effective and easy ways to run Abia State, except the glaring imposition of a government of pettiness and intimidation, bickering, tinkering, backbiting and brickbats…on the people.

kayode fayemi

Orji sees talk as cheap and is quick to throw his voice when well-meaning and enterprising Nigerians in respective positions are lending their voices, when he is yet to conduct local government elections in Abia State. He is not very careful doing same, because of the irritant he has made himself before the people of Nigeria, which his arsenal of media propaganda has not redeemed. Today, is Orji government not fanning the embers of tribal and religious sentiments, playing politics with the issue of terrorism, in its usual bid to be in the news always? but regrettably on the wrong side of the news. Always paranoid! He would prefer buying “icon of democracy” while the people of Abia State are suffering the effects of ‘Icon of Dictatorship. It is a shame!

Odimegwu Onwumere, a Poet/Writer, writes from Rivers State.

Tel: +2348032552855


Odimegwu Onwumere ‘arrested’? No, not in Delta State, but in Abia State

By Odimegwu Onwumere

The Abia State Governor T.A Orji’s boys have been spreading falsehood with their pseudonyms and through blogs they create and on social networks that I was arrested in Delta State a fortnight. They said that it was due to my attempt to collect money from the Delta State government, according to them, because I wanted to blackmail the Delta State governor and, he refused.

They have also laced their fabrication with and, sheepishly said, that I’ve implicated the former Governor of Abia State, Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu, as my sponsor. They also added their shame for the public to continue to ridicule them, saying that the honourable body for journalists in the country – Nigerian Union of Journalists (NUJ) – has distanced itself in the faked arrest.


They labeled me fake journalist, madman, rapist, blackmailer, kidnapper and whatever unprintable name you may think of on the mother earth. My only ‘sin’ was that I’ve been writing series of articles directing the government in Abia State to change its non-performing attitude and give the people dividends of democracy.

This is just the reason the government wants my head! But Gov. T.A Orji’s media goons thought otherwise and started to write against me in the only approach they know how to handle media matters – blackmail. They have been using this method to silence dissenters. Many people I knew who raised their voices at the early stage of this government and saw that their names were peevishly associated with such grumpy behaviours, they chickened away.

The media hooligans to and, with the governor of Abia State, could be surprise how I’ve resisted their evil agenda against me since 2012, they have been in this ugly trade of blackmailing me, for my critical views.

They will soon write that I am using Kalu’s brain to write, through cloning. Hope you read that I was arrested in Asaba, rapist, blackmailer, extortionist, fake journalist, madman etc.? My people, don’t mind the T. A Orji’s media-hoodlums.

Such write-up is all that they know how to write better. Anyway, thank you my people for your concern. I did not want to write about this type of tantrums targeted against me by the Abia State Government again, because I’ve written against such severally, for the records. And I’m responding again because of you; because you said that I should.

Please, am not working for Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu or for anybody, but for posterity of our children here and unborn. I’m working for my conscience. I’m very sure that the blackmail is coming from the media aides of Gov. T. A Orji. They have done this before. I don’t think they will stop. This is all they know how to do better.

They can’t deter me from my journalism practice. They are towing the line of the government in Umuahia they serve: A failed and denounced government.

As you can see am a very free man walking the streets and doing more investigative works than ever. They pose as ladies online for their kill, their gibberish-nuisance called my arrest in Delta State. Gov. T.A Orji’s boys have been peddling this about for so long. The media-assailants of the governor use different names and styles to blackmail their target.

They had once circulated that I raped a 10yr old, caught in extortion in Port Harcourt, arrested by Governor Chibuike Amaechi in extortion… But in all of this, if I was ever ‘arrested’ it is in our state of Abia State, where the governor is using blame and propaganda as tools for governance, where agberos have a field day and the quest for power becomes the shoddy ordeal of the masses.

I was ‘arrested’ in Abia where nobody in the government is ashamed, responsible for the woes that have become Abia State. I was ‘arrested’ in Abia State where Gov. T.A Orji is still blaming Kalu for the mis-governance he is exhibiting in Abia.

Imagine, Kalu who has left office as governor for close to 7yrs now, a governor in power is still blaming him for his failures as governor. Let us agree that Ndi-Abia are crying that had Kalu known that T.A Orji would be the thug to good governance he has become, he would not have supported him to become the governor of the state.

And Kalu has apologised for the apology that Gov. T.A Orji has become in the state.

I was ‘arrested’ in Gov. T.A Orji’s Abia State, where the government has no solution to direct the many issues confronting it except to marshal out media-mobsters to fight in conk manners against anybody that is perceived to be telling it the truth.

This is the limit of desperation to duty of the Abia State Government. I pity this government and its agents that have taken to habitual blame-game and falsehood to keep people away from communicating genuinely with others about it. Claptrap!

Odimegwu Onwumere, a Poet/Writer, writes from Rivers State.

Tel: +2348032552855


Abia ‘Seaports’ Located In Aba

By Odimegwu Onwumere

The area has been forgotten for close to 8yrs. Yet, they still remain law abiding citizens upon that they are left to man the affairs of their area. Since Governor Theodore Ahamefule Orji of Abia State came to power in 2007, the state has been a shadow of its old self.


At Ehere in Aba area of Abia State, the tenants and adjourning kindred around are contributing money immensely in making sure that they have the popular Aba-Ikot-Ekpene Road that has been forgotten by the Abia State Government repaired. The aim of the tenants is to start repairs from the well-damaged Opobo Junction to Ehere market.

They believed that their adventure would help people to have easy access roads and, at least, boost the image of the modern market in Obi-Ngwa and make the tenants not to be relocating to other perceived safe places outside the state. Desmond Uko, a tenant in one of the streets told this reporter, as the reason the tenants are bent on repairing the surrounding roads.

It’s being wondered that a state government that was unable to provide entrée roads for its citizens is today mouthing of building a seaport in the state. The media has been inundated with the noise of the seaport project for two years now. The government has informed the general public that it is going to source for fund from the Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) initiative.

The Abia State Government does not end at that, it has also been telling the world of its plan to build airport as well. It also has told the world that it was going to build monorail. This titular monorail project by the government took part of the activities of the media three years ago. Yet, there is no sign of such project in sight in the state.

ariara international market

After presenting the state’s 2014 Appropriation Bill to the House of Assembly on Monday December 30 2013, Gov. T.A Orji told onlookers that his intention was to start the projects, but not to complete them.

“I will not tell you that I must complete them because they are capital intensive but the two projects are vital to the economy of the state and I know that the incoming government will not abandon them. The important thing is for me to commence them because they are important to the state,” he had said.

Looking for the sites of the projects that the governor has told the House of Assembly that he would start but would not complete, a resident of Aba decided to take the writer on a fact finding around the city of Aba. Thinking that they were heading to one of the sites of the projects, the resident who simply gave his name as Chidi, said to the reporter while they were in a hired tricycle popular called Keke NAPEP that Gov. Orji has a lot of ‘seaports’ in the area.

On getting to one of the ‘seaports’, Chidi  told the reporter that a radio station in the state has always listed them and, they include: “Ariaria Market, Omenazu, the newly Ochendo commissioned ‘Seaport’ at Akalanna, a larger one is at Ohanku Road and many more…”

It was a hilarious truth that what Chidi meant by ‘Abia Seaports’ are gullies that dot the surroundings of the state, due to the government negligence to its responsibilities. He wondered that if the media of nowadays have ethics how could pressmen account for projects that do not exist in the state and inform the people that they have been completed by the swaggering Abia State Government.

“Do media in Nigeria have ethics? If yes, why would they account for the several uncompleted projects in Abia State, whereas when you visit the locations, you won’t find anything of such,” Chidi decried.

Another man who gave his name as Williams said that his worry is the Achara-Ihechiowa Road. Williams said: “I can authoritatively tell you that the Achara-Ihechiowa Road has been awarded for about five years now to one company known as Worldwide Environmental Technologies and the company showed presence at the early time the contract was awarded and no one saw it working on that road again.”

Williams added that the company might be one of the alleged companies owned by the governor that the state’s contracts of all sorts are awarded to. The companies were given as (1) NGAME NIG. LTD is allegedly (working for the wife); (2) GLANO CONSTRUCTION is allegedly (owned by his brother in law); (3) CIREO NIG. LTD is allegedly (owned by his in law);

(4) BENICOUX NIG. LTD, allegedly, bought Empire Hotel as BENIS HOTELS and allegedly (siphoning for Governor and Son- ikuku); (5) OKEY TECHNICAL LTD is allegedly (milking ASEPA for Orji’s Son, Ikuku);

(6) SPRING INVEST AND PROPERTY CO. LTD, is allegedly furnished the Governor’s office with 56 million naira; (7) CHARBEL LTD, is allegedly (Lebanese constructing the conference centre and working for the Son, Ikuku); (8) NEW IDEA, is allegedly (the master agent of siphoning); and (9) SEAMARK ELECT. CO. LTD is allegedly (Son’s).

The pains of the people are felt on their faces. At the front of Terminus Fries, Aba-Owerri Road, the story is the same, as the conspicuous pot holes on both lanes cause serious traffic jams. This has been happening for years now and the roads are dividing at the middle as a result of that.

Investigation revealed that Governor Godswill Akpabio of Akwa Ibom State who is known as a true governor of his people has repaired a part of the Ikot-Ekpene Road in his state, but his counterpart in Abia is busy with his alias – Ochendo Global – without any hope for the people that he will do his part as Akpabio has done.

“Today, traders hardly come to Aba to buy their wares. Traders from Akwa Ibom that happen to be our neighbours prefer going to Onitsha to transact business, due to the deplorable conditions of the roads in Aba, but especially that of Ikot-Ekpene Road. They follow Ikot-Ekpene-Umuahia Road and then, take a turn to Mbano to Nkwere to Ihiala to Onitsha expressway,” lamented Williams.

No doubt, people are taking flight from Abia State to other states where there are perceived government presences. Apart from Achara Ihechiowa, the deplorable condition of Okpurukpu and Amafia-Amaetiti roads in Arochukwu local government area of Abia State are better imagined than experienced.

Achara-Ihechiowa Ring Road has divided into two due to rainfall, which has aided the unpardonable condition of the road. This anomaly has provided untoward job for commercial motorcyclists popularly called ‘Okada’, who now charge as high as N5, 000 for a trip, across the road.

The irony of it all is that many of the so-called prominent people come from some of these areas. The late Secretary to the State Government (SSG), Dr Nneukwu Ukoha warmheartedly called ‘Razor’, came from this area. Although, he reportedly died just-about five months, after his appointment, of outlandish illness.

“At a state burial in his honour, government promised to embark on immediate construction of Achara-Ihechiowa road,” Okaula Njoke, a community leader, had told newsmen that the promise made had not been fulfilled by government.

“Njoke continued that the community wrote to the government through the office of Secretary to the State Government to remind them of their plight. He also explained that authorities at Arochukwu local government area had not responded to their letters and complaints on the erosion issue.


“Government was reported to have announced on Broadcasting Cooperation of Abia State (BCA) that the road was on the list of roads constructed by past administration. The newsmen, however, learned that government was being economical with the truth in its reactions to the erosion issue and the Achara road debacle,” Sunday Trust had reported.

It was gathered that what the government does was to mount sign posts on the awarded roads to be reconstructed, creating the impression that the roads have been duly constructed. According to a source, one elder Nnenna Kalu Uduma of Okpa Secondary School said: “Government even telecast that Okpurukpue Achara Ihechiowa road has been constructed. We were surprised….We petitioned, petitioned and petitioned but nothing happened.”

Odimegwu Onwumere, a Poet/Writer, writes from Rivers State.

Tel: +2348032552855


Is Wabara suffering from emotional difficulty after detention?

By Odimegwu Onwumere

I am concerned about the Associate Editor with The Sun newspaper, Ebere Wabara’s three page explanatory essay after he was detained at Umuahia, the Abia State capital. He was detained on Friday, March 28 2014, on an earlier supposedly orders of Governor Theodore Ahamefule Orji of Abia State.

Ebere Wabara

I’m concerned about that essay, knowing that the spiritual side of all the difficulties that are associated with man is 80%.

Remember that Wabara was arrested at his Lagos residence on that faithful or faithless day by some police officials from the Abia State police command and, was ferried by road to the gulag in Umuahia; a journey Wabara testified was mind-numbing to him, because he had not embarked on a journey to the East by road in the last 14 years.

Conversely, he was later released two days after on orders said were of the Inspector General of Police, IGP, on the whispered efforts of his principal Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu.

As we knew, Wabara had been a thorn in the neck of the Abia State Government through his essays. He was bent on bringing the government to account, using his brand of Queen Elizabeth I of England grammar (or the time when she ruled – 1558 to 1603).

The few critiques he had made of the government were the rave of last two months. He never believed that there was anything good with the government, the governor and his family or anybody that was associated with the government. This was by the tone of his articles.

But after spending two days in the penitentiary at Umuahia, Wabara who was known to be a staunch critic of the government in Umuahia, is speaking in a new voice of “Hosanna in The Highest” of the same government that he never saw anything good of.

April 23, 2014, Daily Sun, Wabara wrote in his “My abduction story” amongst others: “I apologise unreservedly for inadvertently associating the governor’s son, Chinedu, with terrorist inclinations…

“Who says tomorrow I cannot meritoriously (please, note that qualifier) become the Abia State Information and Strategy Commissioner, with the first arduous task of reconciling my former and present governors…

“I salute everyone who has stood by me – and my disinterestedness for detractors and foes (including the abduction schemers) of hardworking Gov. Orji…

“After three decades of resounding journalism practice, this is not the time to be mistakenly or accidentally killed by a cop… like an ant! Bye to the struggle… no more aluta continua!”


Nevertheless, will Wabara still be skirmishing and defending Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu with his pen, especially now that Wabara has seen Gov. T.A Orji as a ‘hardworking’ governor?

After reading his quite written essay and understanding who he is – a very boastful man – I had a thought that spiritual problems that are associated with man can include marital dissonance, gloominess, miscarriages, continual illnesses and, the very one that is luring unprincipled people into obeisance of swallowing their vomit – financial problems.

What I had expected from Wabara was to chant how he travelled and came back from his temporary abode in the home of his captors and, not to turn out to chant that Gov. T.A Orji is a hardworking governor to the extent that in-a-roundabout-way, praised him with the dictum known of the governor in Abia State – Ochendo Global.

Let us agree that retracting his initial stance on the son of the governor and that of Abia PDP elders is human, but what do we make of his new view that Gov. T.A Orji is a hardworking governor?

It would have been preferable if Wabara had chant the name of the God he said that he believed in, even though that he had told us of how ready he was to go to any African deities, if that would bring those he said were his detractors to shame or even reward them with instant death, for circulating falsehood online against him that perhaps compelled his captors’ motive to abduct him.

Don’t forget that Wabara is a Christian, as he had made us to understand. Many ‘seekers’ like me around the world have experienced that chanting the name of your foe in praise in the days of difficulties while in his or her hand, does not save the chanter or make the chanter to overcome his or her problems. Wonder why cowards die many times before their real death?

Handling a problem is different from talking about your problem. In my estimation, Wabara has not handled his detention problem maturely going by his chorus of praise to Gov. T.A Orji. He even exonerated the governor from his woes and gave such as a gift to those he called the governor’s schemers of his abduction story.

Wabara, across the various difficulties he had faced in the detention, has only given those who stood by him in his trials suboptimal results with that essay. I had expected Wabara would deal with his difficulties effectively with appropriate emotional control, but I was proved wrong.


He took preventive measures acceptance that would not get him through successful breakthroughs in the eyes of his friends, followership and critics. He was supposed to know that difficulties and friction are the supplements of human existence. He was supposed to accept all the difficulties as part of his days’ work, and try to get as several people as possible and arrange for help as we can and, not by praising Governor T.A Orji as a hardworking governor.

Odimegwu Onwumere, a Poet/Writer, writes from Rivers State.

Tel: +2348032552855


Abia Workers Celebrate 7 Months Of No Salary

By Odimegwu Onwumere

A fortnight, a lecturer with the Abia State Polytechnic called and was weeping. I thought that he had lost somebody. Although, I had not met with the caller in person, but on enquiring why he was crying, he told me that could I imagine that lecturers in the school have not been paid their salaries for seven months.


I had thought that he was in for something, till my confirmation from another source proved him right. I also found out that it’s not only the workers of the Abia State Polytechnic that were sharing in the ugly banquet that Governor Theodore Ahamuefule Orji of the state has made them to be gulping, those in other areas were not saying the contrary.

The definition of the word democracy in the Gov. Orji-led government of Abia State is not different from the theory and practice of nepotism, capitalism and despotism. Only the few, who are favoured in the state through these means, see Gov. Orji as a performing governor, to the perils of the majority impoverished populace of Abia State.

These few people see themselves as being empowered and are bent on fighting the majority, when they cry out loud that the present government has brushed their lips on the bare ground. If this is the way that the late Dr. M.I Okpara operated, whom Gov. Orji, according to an account, said that he is emulating, no one would be remembering the great man from Igbo in the polity, with showiness and spectacle.

History says that the late Okpara was a humble and focused man, who was accentuated by the love of humanity in carrying out his duties, unlike what Abia State has got in Gov. Orji: Defocused, bickering, tinkering, bigotry, egocentrism and a host of queer attitudes to governance.

History holds Okpara as selfless man, unlike the selfish person that Abia people have in their governor. Dr. Okpara lived a life what emulating and many people are emulating him today. But Gov. Orji, without doubt, will have the contrary history by posterity, to the Okpara’s.

Many people in the state, who are diplomatically opposed to negativism called governance in Abia State, are relocating with their loved ones, due to incessant threats to their lives. Their safety in Abia State, is no longer guaranteed, this writer is one of the people, threatened and scandalised by the government agents in many appalling ways, but the people of Abia State know the truth, from the heap of lies that the government and its agents have been peddling around.

The editor of The City Reporters, in a forum, said that there was pressure by his beloved ones recently to be very careful and watchful anywhere he went, because they allegedly got information of an impending plan to kidnap the editor. The editor said that the government of Gov. T.A Orji was apparently against him because he published, amongst others, that Abia State debt under the stewardship of Gov. Orji rightly stood at $34.5m, but the government in 2010, collected bond of $250m, aside having monthly revenue and allocations which stood at N19bn.

Abia State is in shambles for 7yrs of Gov. Orji’s perfidiousness and aberration, yet he is gearing up to the senate in 2015, when workers in the state, instead of celebrate thankfully, are celebrating 7months of dishonesty and ridiculousness of the government, upholding their salaries.

Unlike what George Orwell said that people sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf, Abia people are gnashing their teeth day and night with their eyes opened at night under Gov. Orji-led government of Abia State, because the governor has refused to perform or allow the people to rest, without prejudiced imposition of levies and taxes on them.

Except the few Abia people in the Abia State Government, who are ‘enjoying’ the lucre of governance, many outside the government will not like their God to bless them with the hand that the governor is governing the state with. Majority of the people see telling the truth as a “revolutionary act” than a “rewarding act” especially in this season of mis-governance in the state and Everest deceit.

Ask any meaningful Abia person to define the government of Gov. Orji and the person will say without fear or favour that the government surrounds itself with neophytes and speaks from all sides of their mouths.

Imagine that it is said that each of the state House of Assembly members collects N5m every month and none is being owed. It will be expedient that Gov. T.A Orji saves Abia State the shame of holding workers salaries for 7 good months, still counting, without an iota of addressing this issue in the near future.

Gov. Orji should listen to what George Orwell said: If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever… and politics itself a mass of lies, evasions, folly, hatred and schizophrenia.

Odimegwu Onwumere, a Poet/Writer, writes from Rivers State.

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