{POEM} Love Letter

By Odimegwu Onwumere

I cannot remember when I wrote a love letter or received one,

in the sense of writing a love letter, but I do write

with my tongue and mouth often.

I was not taught of writing a love letter in school

but just like that, I developed writing my brand of love letter.

Some I write with fingers,

some I write with tongue,

some I write with phallus.

I never believed I can fall in love

by seeing a mere picture

till I saw hers’ on Social Media.

I’ve sent a text to her about her radiating smile,

wet lips, chubby face, romantic eyes, aesthetic black,

good neck, hairstyle, well-set dentition, plump cheeks.

These are glimmering sensations in me

and she blushed and thanked me so much.

I told her I will be writing her a love letter

and she said she cannot wait to read it.

I’m afraid which one she would enjoy more:

Love letter with my finger?

Love letter with my tongue?

Love letter with my phallus?

I know all are most therapeutic!

People are no longer patient with writing, let alone,

a long letter to a dearly one. Today, I wrote one, telling her

“I love you” is often how a relationship between

a man & a woman starts.

Looking at it, those words smooth our minds. Sometimes

we laugh at such words, in our closet, and radiate

with peace in our hearts.

The day we added each other as friends on Social Media,

I never knew that we would resign for a moment like this,

craving for each other.

I’m seeing our hearts open like it never did,

with intensive and deep feeling for each other.

I’m learning a lesson on this:

Denying affection can be the worst of crimes.

I’m not sure she is feeling the comfort I sense from here;

I’m not sure I matter to her, but she does to me.

She has given me assurance that there won’t be

any crack of this affair on her part. Her beauty crashes

into the world and blazes

and I am happy that I spotted it

and was not shy to tell her.

I’m thanking her for not had hidden herself

from me not to see her. I’m thanking her

for making me write this type of letter again,

because of her picture.

“Wow! You are such a wonderful being!

It is raining now and your words mesmerize my imagination,”

she responded.

“How I wish we are close, perhaps,

we would have sing a song together now in the closet,

with the tone, “Let the spirit of love come down…

I do not know how to sing this song,

but I know you will not shy away to teach me,” I said.

“Haha haha,” she laughed. “Will love to sing along.”

I thanked her for the compliment, but I have

a better way to tell ladies who compliment me ‘thanks’:

They respond just by moaning, tearing and screaming.

“LoL. You must be good then…” she told me.

“I wish you are around to taste this ‘goodness’.

Sadly, you reside in faraway land,” I responded.

I’m comfortable with the discomfort her picture created in me;

a testament that my blood is very much active.

I know that I’m not safe unless we sing the love song together,

hoping she would smile and tell me how good I can sing the song.

© Odimegwu Onwumere; August 17 2019.


{POEM} Relationship

Relationship is a serious business

be it serious or casual relationship.

Some persons are in serious relationships,

but are casual persons.

Some persons are in casual relationships,

but are serious persons.

Both persons are found

in both relationships.

Some persons take the other’s kindness

as loving too much, hence abuse love.

A serious fellow can invest in a relationship,

but is unserious to learn how to grow with the partner.

It is important to make sure

all the t’s are crossed and the i’s dotted.

Some persons are unserious in a relationship,

even when they labour in a relationship.

(c) Odimegwu Onwumere; August 14 2019.

{POEM} I Fell Ill With My Boss

My boss and I fell ill

the same time.

He went to hospital,

to receive treatment.

I was at home

treating myself.

I had sent him text of my situation,

he didn’t respond to know my situation.

He later sent me text of his situation,

I responded he gets well soon,

while I was not yet well.

He might still be in the hospital,

whereas I have returned to work,

not too strong, not too ill.

*©Odimegwu Onwumere; August 14 2019*

Short Bread {Poem}

By Odimegwu Onwumere

Her heart was bought with short bread some years back
when love was administered under the shades of moonlight
the dark was the toast and witness of a burning passion.

Pear and fruits were the best of gifts to woe her tendril heart
with few words laced with inconsequential statements
each understood what the other verb-oozed
and passion was as holy as the sacrament of cathedral attendees.

Many bodies pulled down the bush paths and farms
in a quest to taste the woven honey comb
when seeing a lad and lass together was characterised by sin.

Parents frowned at such company, lads and lasses
were separated in the classrooms but not their hearts.

The dignity of a lady was held in highest esteem
men climbed mountains against their dignity for her
and love was later crushed on the altar of civilisation
and now, short bread cannot win her heart but short cut.

*Odimegwu Onwumere*

May 16 2019

*Deformity* {Poem}


Not only the blind
Not only the cripple
Not only the armless…
Are deformed.

Pix of a lad with Complex Spine Deformity {Culled online}

Some wish they have big boobs
Some wish they have big phallus
Some wish they have big eyeballs
Some wish they have big buttocks…

When you are rejected
By what nature gave to you
You are deformed.

Some wish they have small boobs
Some wish they have small phallus
Some wish they have small eyeballs
Some wish they have small buttocks…

When you are not comfortable
With what you have
You are deformed.

Some have good looks, without wisdom
Some have wisdom, without good looks
Some are leading, without followership…

When lack one think or the other in you
Remember that the deformed
Are not only those not walking the way you walk
Are not only those not seeing as you see
Are not only those not using their head as you use…

Always remember the word Deformity and be humble!

*Odimegwu Onwumere*
May 13 2019.

{POEM} Snow

Helon Habila tweets photo “my front door this morning”. Jan. 13 2019.


The way of nature
keeps discerning minds wondering.

It kisses the grasses with gentle flakes
shutting human beings out of space in wonderment.

Many find it an unwanted freezing water
falling, drifting against paths in parts.

© Jan. 13 2019; Odimegwu Onwumere

Founder: http://www.ooreporters.com